Left breast way softer/squishy compared to right. Left side was where I had a hematoma drained but it's softer. (photos)

I had a hematoma removed 3 days post op on my left breast. My right breast is smaller then the left now and the left is so soft, stretched, and squishy. It literally feels like a real boon and my right is harder and more round and small. What's going on?

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You don't specify a timeline, nor can a physical exam be performed on-line, so it will be mere conjecture as to the cause of your current situation. If your affected side is larger and 'squishier', it likely has either more fluid that has re-accumulated or it is residual swelling. As for the future, it will be the side that has a higher risk for capsular contracture, unfortunately. Best of luck!

Left breast way softer/squishy compared to right. Left side was where I had a hematoma drained but it's softer.

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Thank you for your question.  In my experience following hematoma removal  the active cleaning the breast implant pocket and draining it for a day or 2 eyes seems to result in the breast on that side feeling softer.  However it is best to see her plastic surgeon for an examination to make certain that the right breast is healing properly.

Softer breast is due to hematoma.

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Your (now) softer breast was the one that had a hematoma drained early post-op. The volume of blood that was drained occupied space prior to removal, and there was unavoidable stretch of the muscle and breast tissues. Once removed, the stretched tissues did not completely "snap back" and the difference in softness is an absolutely understandable result.

Over time, this should even out to a reasonable degree, but this may not be exact. You look good now, so I suspect the final difference at 6-12 months may be small. Best wishes! Dr.Tholen

Different feel of breast

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Thank you for your question. You are early post op with different swelling types. I recommend you talk to your PS for evaluation.

What's going on?

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Thanks for your question and the pictures. Early in the post operative period (first three to four weeks), it's not unusual for one breast to feel more firm than the other, or to sit slightly higher than the other. The skin (and/or muscle) has been stretched to accommodate the implant and needs time to relax and the skin to soften. Based on the pictures you've included it doesn't appear than you have any kind of hematoma or fluid collection on the right side (obviously an exam is the gold standard). Your symmetry looks excellent. Pre-operatively, one breast is often larger (having more natural breast tissue than the other breast) and of course, no one is perfectly symmetric. This difference in breast size tends to be magnified after a breast augmentation. Try to be patient and give yourself time to heal. I ask my patients not to judge the final result for at least 6 months.  Hope this helps!

Breast feel different after surgery

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Thanks for your inquiry and pictures. Sorry for your struggles, but without an exam it is hard to advise.  Breast recovery is often different from side to side and you are early in the process.  I suggest you discuss your concern with your plastic surgeon, good luck.  

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