Do I have a jaw/mandibular deformity? (Photos)

So I had braces a few years ago to straighten my teeth and correct under bite which wasn't too bad. I've visited several plastic surgeons who have never mentioned anything about my jaw, only about my chin. So I'm wondering is it just my Chin or do I actually have a Jaw/mandibular deformity?

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Mandibular Deformity?

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By the looks of your facial profile, you have what is called a class II malocclusion that was probably treated with two upper bicuspid extractions followed by retraction of your upper front teeth. This is a very common way to correct this type of malocclusion; unfortunately, it doesn't yield the best facial aesthetics.

What should have been done is the lower jaw should have been brought forward; either surgically or by using simple removable appliances. Had the lower jaw been brought forward and no bicuspids removed you would have a more prominent (stronger) chin, more upper lip support, a broader smile, more well developed cheek bones, more level ears and eyes and your nose would not look so long and narrow.

You can still have your lower jaw brought forward but it would require that you basically undo the treatment that was already rendered. Find a doctor who understand epigenetic orthopedics.

Good luck!

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