I have awful sensitivity due to the lack of enamel on my teeth because of an eating disorder when I was younger. It's pretty bad

I am not trying to achieve a huge beautiful white smile since I am unable to at this point. However, it would be helpful and nicer looking if they weren't so dingy looking and stained. Since my dentist is making my crowns today and I won't get them for 3 weeks, should I tell him to go a tiny bit lighter than my original tooth color and take the 3 weeks to get the rest of my teeth a little more lighter as I can? Anything would be better than nothing at all. They are incredibly dingy looking. Sad!

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Lighter shade for new crowns #DrSoftTouch

A photo of your teeth and a little more information would be helpful to give you a good answer. I see patients all the time who opt to veneer or crown all of the teeth in their smile line thus allowing them to choose a shade much lighter than their natural teeth. How many crowns you do will really determine the shade you should select. I hope this helps.  Follow me for more questions and answers.

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Whitening Teeth Prior to Crowns

Whitening your teeth may be a great option for you even though your new crowns may not be the exact right shade. One thing to note is that the process of whitening can sometimes make your teeth sensitive and since you already have sensitive teeth, you may not be able to whiten your teeth quickly. The process may need to be extended to get them as light as you can. There are different products that can be used to desensitize your teeth for whitening and in general. I hope this helps!

Teeth color, sensitivity


Unfortunately without proper photos it is difficult to give you a very accurate opionion about color of teeth, however, my main concern is that with the sensitivity you have can you whiten your teeth?  Color match between crowns and natural teeth is key to a beautiful smile at the same time you have to make sure you can maintain the color since crowns do not stain as easily and rapidly as your own teeth!


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New crowns

You haven't shared enough information to give you a reasonably good answer. How many crowns are you doing? Exactly where are they? Can you post a picture? If you share more info we may be able to answer your question.

Beautiful Smile

As I didn't see you teeth so it is not possible for me to give some good suggestion. Why don't to try teeth whitening treatment rest depend upon the condition of your teeth dear.

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