Fillers or facelift? (Photo)

What would the experts recommend? Should I use juvederm again (or the like) or is it time for a facelift? In this picture, temporary fillers have worn off and I'm wearing no makeup. The pitting around the corners of my mouth (especially on my right side), Nasolabial lines, wavy texture to my upper lip, reduced volume of my lips and chin dimpling are tiresome. I've just turned 40. My forehead doesn't have wrinkles and my eyes are mostly hollow beneath with a few fine lines.

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Soft tissue fillers are the best option for rejuvenating the lips and mouth.

Looking at your photos that show some signs of aging around your mouth and lips I would recommend the use of soft tissue fillers. HA's work the best here and there are several different types that each do different things. We typically use layers, thicker fillers deep and fine fillers for the fine creases. Facelifts are not effective at rejuvenating the mouth and typically create a windswept or over-tight appearance when used to smooth lines around the mouth.

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Fillers versus Facelift

Fillers are used for volume and contouring, a facelift doesn't address volume it only is for gravitational changes such as falling and laxity.  Often these are combined.  I suggest a formal consultation with an expert who can give you all the areas of treatment.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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From what I can see fillers.  Restylane Lyft  will do a very nice job for you.  Voluma would be fine too but costs more$$ for no apparent benefit in my opinion.

Talk to your doctor about it.

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Fillers not facelift

Thanks for your question. Each of the areas you mention are some of the earliest signs of aging. These are not addressed with surgical facelift procedures though. Augmenting these areas with volume will likely give a far more natural and rejuvenated appearance without surgery. If Juvaderm worked for you but wore off (which it does over 9-12 months) you could consider filling these area with your own fat. This would also be natural with longer lasting result. Chin dimpling can typically be treated by relaxing the underlying mentalis muscle with botulinum toxin.
if you were my patient I would NOT recommend surgery for you.
best of luck!

Christian L. Stallworth, MD
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