What should be done about this "collapse" on my nose tip and what caused this? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty/septoplasty 14 days ago. Almost all of the swelling has subsided and the "dent" keeps becoming more and more apparent as the days go by. I understand that swelling plays a big part in the appearance the first few months after rhinoplasty but this one just doesn't seem to me like swelling and keeps getting worse as the swelling goes down.

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Depression (Dent) of the Nasal Tip after Rhinoplasty

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It is a difficult task to give good medical counsel based on photographs alone. My best advice is to visit your doctor so they may examine your nose in person. You are astute to recognize the capricious nature of swelling, especially in the first few weeks or months following rhinoplasty . That said, I do think you are justified in your concern.  I can only speculate as to the cause of the "dent" or "depression" but several possibilities come to mind. A depression in this location is sometimes caused by an erroneously placed internal suture or by excessive thinning of the dermis (skin).  Buckling or retraction of the underlying nasal (alar) cartilage can also cause this deformity as can a "tip graft" that sits too high and is poorly blended with the adjacent cartilage. You may also have inadequate support along the nostril rim. I suggest that you visit your doctor to learn their assessment. Only our doctor knows exactly what has been done and is the single best person to decide whether patience or early intervention is required. Best of luck.

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"Dent" after rhinoplasty

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Although it is extremely early in the postoperative period to fully assess the results, I would relay your concerns to your surgeon.  Many times, we can bolster or strengthen certain areas of the nose to avoid contour irregularities.  This may involve taping, packing, or other simple methods.  Best wishes!

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