2 weeks and 2 days post op. Feels like I'm filling up and weird muscle spasms.

Right breast feels to be right on track. 9 days post op. I had to be taken into emergency surgery as I had severe bleeding start on left side. Tube was put in and dr cauterized artery. Tube is out now. Day 3. I have muscle spasms on left side. Fills like I'm filling up and gets hard. Then goes down. I know this sounds silly. But only way to describe the other weird feeling is. When I have to speak up. It sounds like a empty speaker box in left side in my chest. Like a hollow weird feeling.

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Hematoma after breast surgery.

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Hello summer1102, I am sorry about your complication after breast surgery. If your left breast's volume is the same as right side you don't need to worry about your feelings. These are temporary symptoms and will disappear by time. Your surgeon can help you much more so just call him/her. Good luck.

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