TT/BBL combo length of procedure; why is this?

I had a few appointments to discuss TT / BBL combination and I was told different times for the length of the procedure : 3.5 , 4 and 6 hours . Why is that ?

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Various surgical times

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Since you went to three different plastic surgeons it's that surprising that you have three different estimates of surgical times (each surgeon has their own different technique). Most would complete this in the four to five hour range.Best wishes,Dr.Bruno

Surgical Time

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Hello,The obvious answer is surgeons operate at different speeds.  However, there are more subtle reasons for the differing times. The first is you may not be comparing apples to apples.  Whether we are talking about the tummy tuck, the liposuction, or the fat grafting, each of these components can be done differently, with varying degrees of complexity. For example, a 'simple' tummy tuck when broken down into it's sub-components involves lifting the skin, tightening the muscle, re-draping and removing the excess skin, and sewing the incision may take some people an hour or two.  However, a more comprehensive tummy tuck that includes liposuction of the belly, direct fat excision of deep fat (sub-Scarpa's fat), progressive tension sutures, as well as all the other previously mentioned components, may take three hours. Even the individual sub-components can take varying speeds.  Just take one for example, like the muscle tightening. A few simple sutures can get it done in five or ten minutes. However, a multilayered closure with interrupted and running sutures can take 20 minutes. That's double the time. Finally, some surgeons like to overestimate time, others like to underestimate time. The bottom line is pick a surgeon with excellent training, abundant experience, photos of great results, and an excellent reputation in the community. ABPS certification and membership with the ASAPS are also very important criteria. Best of luck!

Amount of time for abdominoplasty and BBL

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Thank you for your question.  The amount of time can be different from surgeon to surgeon. For example, I have a surgical first assist who I have worked with for many years. She makes things more efficient since she has done hundreds with me. Also the number of areas you are having liposuction to harvest the fat for the BBL will effect the amount of time. The amount of time will depend on the size of the patient, but I would say 2.5 hours for an abdominoplasty and 2 hours for a BBL (4.5 hours combined) is a very reasonable estimate. Make sure you are choosing a board certified plastic surgeon who performs both of these procedures n a regular basis.

Why am I being told different procedure times?

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Thanks so much for your question.  The simple answer is that doctors operate at different speeds.  These speeds are tracked by the our national societies, the hospital where the procedures are being done and by the surgeons themselves.  Based on these numbers there are averages but some people are faster and some people are slower than the averages.  It's not necessarily a good or bad thing to be a little faster or a little slower than normal.  However, if someone is too fast or really really slow compared to the standard times you might want clarification on why this is the case.  Hope that helps.  Good luck.

Timing for bbl and tummy tuck

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Thanks for sharing your question. I can appreciate your concern. the times depend on the expertise and help that the doctors have.surgeon by him self may take 2 to 3  hours to do a tummy tuck. the BBL can take between 2 to 3 hrs depending on how easy is to obtain the fat for the transfer. Finally, make sure that you have a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon.
Wishing you the best in your journey

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