How can I reduce fat transfer to the face, specifically too much fat in the lower face?

I had fat transfer to the face over a year ago and the lower part of my face looks very thick and masculine. Is there anything I can do to reduce it? I also have a double chin from a necklift that I can't stand, especially since I never had one before? I feel overall very masculine. I used to have a angular face and now look like I'm 20 lbs over weight. I'm not and I've lost 10 lbs since the surgery.

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Fat Transfer, Final Results? TEMPLES / FACE

Fat transfer is hard to reverse if the fat has survived.  Liposuction, kybella, and high energy radiofrequency can be used.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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What to do with if you had too much fat transferred to your face?

Hi Sushar,

Thank you for your question.  it would certainly help if you posted some pictures from before and after your surgery. But based on what you're describing there's not much you can do without some kind of medical intervention. You can try Kybella which is a form of fat reduction that does not involve surgery. You can do cool sculpting mini. And finally you can do traditional liposuction. Without pictures it is hard to give you a good assessment. But remember that it can be corrected. Good luck.

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