I would want to know if it is possible to get my breasts back to where they were prior to pregnancy (DD to DDD)?

Is it possible to get my deflated C/D cup to my original full DD to DDD?

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I would want to know if it is possible to get my breasts back to where they were prior to pregnancy (DD to DDD)?

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Thank you for your question.
It's possible, but without pictures impossible to tell for certain. Please view the video below and see what can actually be done with more current breast lifting technology. No implants were used in this patient.

Best wishes and kind regards,

I would want to know if it is possible to get my breasts back to where they were prior to pregnancy (DD to DDD)?

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Hi... thank you for the question... Yes this could be possible with a breast surgery with silicone gel implants, with this your breas con be improved

Luis A. Mejia, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Breast Augmentation: Information

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Dear Ms. Afsalcido,

Thank you for your story and questions.

The answer is yes!

Unfortunately without nude photos and a actual
exam I am limited (including taking accurate measurements of your chest) And can only give you non specific but hopefully helpful comments.

Choosing the correct breast implant is a multifactoral depending on your anatomy, skin strech, desired look and size.
Breast size is a very personal choice and using a variety of techniques (some of which you may have completed) you can achieve the size and look you desire.

Unfortunately bra manufactures have not standardized cup sizes.
Breast implant manufactures have created a wide spectrum of implants based on a "cc" measuring system. Different base widths result in different projections for the same size of cc's. Different shapes are based on the cohesiveness of the internal gel.

My responses are:
A)purchase several bras (full bodied and no padding) of the size you think you want to
be. As you realize there are no standard bra (strap/cup) sizes.
B)take a measuring cup (1 oz=30cc) place rice in a nylon y
C) try on various volumes of rice with some form fitting clothes.

2)placement of implant:
Select several nude model photos of the goal breast shape you desire.
Placement decision of implant(subpectoral, dual plane, or suprapectoral) will be determined based on your anatomy If the implant is placed under the pectoralis muscle I usually add 10% volume to what the patient chooses.... to compensate for the muscle pressing down on the muscle and for the naturally settleing of the implant which often makes the breast appear smaller 2-3 months after surgery.

3)profile of implant:
A) for the same volume the higher the profile the narrower the base width.
B)there is very little difference in projection between a moderate to high profile implant
thus little affect on the perceptible final projection of your breasts.
C) the base width of the breast should equal the base width of the implant
D)thus I personally chose the profile based on the patients chest measurements,
(a high profile on a wide chest may not result in the cleavage desired and
conversely a low profile on a narrow chest may result in implant in the outside arm

4)types of implants:
A) round
B) anatomical or shaped be (form stable)
5)Filler material
A) Silicone gel
B) Normal Saline

6)there are four companies that produce breast implants:
-1) Mentor
-2) Allergan
-3) Sientra
-4) Ideal
1-2 =silicone fill comes from same factory
3 =silicone gel has highest cohesiveness (gummy bear) for round implants
1= only implants made in USA
1-2 = make both silicone and normal saline filled implants
4= only makes normal saline filled implants
4 = has internal baffles in normal saline implant to give feel more like silicone filled implants
1-4 = all FDA approved, lifetime warranties
3-at present voluntarily suspended distribution
1-3 have capsular contracture warranty
1-3 have different profiles (for same volume different base widths) resulting in different projections.
1-3 have anatomical or shaped implants.

I personally use all four companies based on the above and the best "fit" for the patient.
I trust your Plastic Surgeon is experienced and is Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and ideally a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (denoting by membership as having met additional criteria and a focus on Cosmetic Plastic Surgery).

My best wishes,

R. A. Hardesty, MD, FACS
Diplomate and Certified by the Am. Bd. of Plastic Surgery
4646 Brockton Ave
Riverside, Ca 92506
(951) 686-7600

Breast augmentation

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Thank you for your question. Yes it is quite possible to restore your breasts back to their size and shape prior to pregnancy. Most women find that they have lost volume and develop sagging after pregnancy and or breast feeding. If you would like to get your breast to a larger volume then the best way to achieve that would be with an implant. If you do have sagging of breast then a breast lift would have to be performed in conjunction with the breast lift to help you achieve the optimal result. I hope that helps, best of luck.

Breast augmentation is a good way to restore volume loss resulting from pregnancy.

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This is a fairly common reason women present for breast augmentation. Volume can be lost as a consequence of pregnancy and breast-feeding. Breast augmentation is a good way to fix this problem.

Breasts to return to normal after pregnancy

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Implants can definitely help increase lost volume but there are many different factors that play a role in the shape and texture of breasts that implants cannot duplicate. Being evaluated by an experienced breast aug plastic surgeon will help tailor a surgical plan for you while explaining the procedures limitations.  Either way, the vast majority of patients are very pleased with the outcome! Best of luck. 

Breast augmentation after pregnancy

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Breast augmentation after pregnancy is very common. To add volume back to the breast implants can be placed to give you the full breasts you desire. Some women will also require a breast lift to restore the breasts to their pre-pregnancy position. I recommend consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon so that he/she can evaluate your breasts and determine if breast implants alone will give you the results you desire, or if a breast lift will also need to be performed. Good luck!

I would want to know if it is possible to get my breasts back to where they were prior to pregnancy (DD to DDD)?

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Yes, volume can be added by placement of breast implants and a low breast can be lifted. But if you had skin damage such as thinning and stretch marks, the skin itself cannot be improved upon. But this answer is only "in general" because we have no photos of your specific shape and problem. It would take photos or an exam to give more specific answers. 

Possible to Get Breasts Back?

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Thank you very much for your question.

Yes, you likely can get back to the look you desire.  I recommend visiting with a plastic surgeon in your area who will take careful breast measurements, and recommend an implant that will give you your desired look.  In some cases they may also recommend a lift.  Best of luck!

Daniel Krochmal, MD
Chicago General Surgeon

How do I get my breasts back after pregnancy?

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It's a good question. Many women notice that their breasts are deflated after pregnancy and breast feeding.

A board certified plastic surgeon can increase the size of the breasts. This is typically done with breast implants. During a consultation, your surgeon will help you selected an implant that gives you the look you want.
Some women also benefit from performing a breast lift. This can be performed at the same time as a breast augmentation, but is also commonly performed during a second procedure. This decreases the possibility of needing a revision

You'll  get the most helpful answers by visiting a board certified plastic surgeon in person. They can speak with you about all of your options, and give you advice on how best to reach you goals.

These answers are for educational purposes and should not be relied upon as a substitute for medical advice you may receive from your physician. If you have a medical emergency, please call 911. These answers do not constitute or initiate a patient/doctor relationship.