Help for hand - I am 64 but that really doesn't have much to do with my hands. (photos)

I have very small protruding veins in my hands. They look 20 years older than I am. When in the hospital, nurses searched for veins as they are very small. When my late husband and I lived in Mazatlan I wanted to donate blood, we are same blood type but the doctor said my veins were too small. I told h to go to my feet, anywhere. What can I do for blue veins that are everywhere on my hands and very obvious. It's embarrassing.

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Hand veins and microphlebectomy

Radiesse will soften the look and "hide" most of these veins.

Best treatment option would be microphlebectomy. It is tedious work with much attention to detail and therefore takes about 4 hours to treat effectively. As such, it will cost $2000 per hand. Additional "touch up" procedures cost an additional $1000. 

Buffalo Phlebologist
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Aging Hands

Thank you for your question. While you do have some noticeable veins in your hands, which can be treated by sclerotherapy or direct removal, you also have tell-tale signs of aging hands. Aging hands are characterized by thinning of the skin, loss of collagen, and increased vein show. To better treat the overall problem, and to plump out the skin of the hand and in turn hide the veins, you may want to consider Radiesse.Radiesse is a filler that provides good fill and helps to rejuvenate the appearance of the hands. Most patients require 1 syringe per side, and the results can last up to 12 months. The procedure is performed in about 10-15 minutes, and has very little down time.

Anthony J. Taglienti, MD
Smithtown Plastic Surgeon
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Hand veins

Looking at your photos and the size and pressure in your hand veins, I think you would be a good candidate for hand sclerotherapy.

Lisa Perez, MD
Atlanta Physician
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Hand veins

As we mature, we lose soft tissue volume in the face and hands.  The veins you see were always there, but look more prominent now because there is less tissue surrounding them.  They can be treated with sclerotherapy (injections of a medication into the vein to remove it), but you run the risk of staining of the skin, or cord formation where the vein is (scar).  A better option is treatment with a filler (Radiesse is approved for this area) to replace lost volume and fill in around the veins to give the hands a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Suzan McGary, MD
Williamsport Thoracic Surgeon

Hand Veins.

The veins posted in your pictures can easily be treated by sclerotherapy.  Hand vein treatment is a large part of my practice and I use a combination of endogenous laser and sclerotherapy.

John Landi, MD
Naples General Surgeon
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Bulging Hand Vein Removal

Cosmetically disturbing hand veins are easily and permanently eliminated in 1-2 visits using painless Foam Sclerotherapy but few practitioners perform it.Many use fillers to hide hand veins but this requires repeated injections every few months which can be costly.

Christopher Pittman, MD
Tampa Phlebologist

You we not alone. And there is a solution

as people age the fat wastes from there hands at different rates.  This gives a sunken and veiny appearance.  There are different treatments but I feel a filler such as radiesse is the best and safest results.

Jordan Knepper, MD
Ann Arbor Vascular Surgeon

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