Why do I feel a burning sensation when even my bra touches my skin?

I feel a burning sensation when touching my left breast. I'm 4 days out of breast augmentation 650cc. On the same breast but different area is numb.

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Burning sensation - 4 days post op

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Hello and thank you for your question.

First of all congratulations on completing your surgery! Four days post operation is not very long in the recovery process, and it is common to feel both numb and burning sensations throughout the healing process. The burning sensations you feel stem from the large implants making room for themselves inside of the breast pocket, they are pushing and stretching the tissues and muscles out of the way, which causes soreness and burning to the touch. The area of numbness is also a common symptom, and should resolve itself in a matter of weeks at the longest. There are numb areas because the nerve endings in those areas were damaged and must regrow before you have any more feeling in that area. When the nerves grow back, they produce quick sharp stinging sensations that are also uncomfortable, but unavoidable. 

It seems for being only four days post operation you are doing just fine and do not have any uncommon symptoms. Swelling will begin to reduce and your final results will be seen around the 4-6 months mark. Posting photos is always very helpful in examining the post-operative state and if anything majorly concerning sticks out. As always be sure to stay adamant about your post op consultations as the information your board certified plastic surgeon provides is tremendously helpful for a smooth recovery process.

Best wishes 

Traci Temmen, MD 
Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Tampa Plastic Surgeon

Breast Augmentation Postop Sensations

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After breast augmentation, it is not unusual to have strange sensations, such as numbness and burning. These sensations are completely normal, and they will gradually subside. Your satisfaction will increase as your body heals from the procedure. It is important communicate any concerns to your board-certified plastic surgeon. Congratulations on your body makeover, and good luck in your recovery!

Jerome H. Liu, MD
San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Breasts/nipples can be very sensitive for a while after surgery. Sometimes patients lose feeling for a while and in other cases they experience hypersensitivity which can be uncomfortable. This is typically temporary, related to inflammation/pressure on the nerves. Typically this will resolve when swelling goes down and continue to improve over the next few months.
If you have ongoing concerns I recommend that you let your Plastic Surgeon know.
All the best

Burning and Numbness in Breast after Breast Augmentation with 650cc

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Hi Kristina,
Thanks for your question. It is unfortunately normal to have both on the same breast. Some of the nerves get cut and some get stretched during surgery especially with larger implants. I would recommend massage but please check with you plastic surgeon for their instructions regarding your sensitivity issues. It will go away with time. Good Luck!

All the best,

Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS

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Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Carlos Mata, MD, MBA, FACS
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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It is all about nerve endings in your breasts

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Hypersensitivity of breast skin and areas of numbness represent recovering nerve endings in your operated breasts. It is normal. They will settle with time.

Vasdev Rai, MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Sensation changes s/p augmentation

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Thank you for your question.  It is normal to have burning, tingling, pins and needles, itching and electric shock like sensations as well as numbness right after surgery.  It can take several months to 1 year for things to normalize.  As always it is a good idea to discuss any concerns with your plastic surgeon.Best Wishes!

Jamie Moenster, DO
Tucson Plastic Surgeon
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Changes in breast sensation early in recovery period

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Thank you for your question! Changes in breast sensation is very common, especially this early in the recovery period. Your surgeon may have counselled you about this, but basically what happens is that implants, especially large implants, may press against sensory nerves near the breast tissue leading to either increased or decreased sensitivity in breast sensation. This is why going for a moderate sized implant is best. Nevertheless, the good news is that for most people changes in sensation are temporary. This is because as your breasts stretch to accommodate your implants, your sensory nerves will be less compressed over time. The final results from BBA can result anywhere from 3-6 months. All will be well in time. As always though, the future cannot be predicted, and in your case it is best to be in touch with you plastic surgeon for follow-ups and questions. Hope this helps.

Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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