Rhinoplasty, Jaw Reduction, and Protruding Zygomas done in Summer 2017. Can they all be done at once? (photos)

Hello! I am a healthy 22-year-old with: - a masculine nose (fortunately, it's narrow, but it projects too far, slants left, has a humped dorsal, and a bulbous tip); - protruding zygomas (face looks wide); and - protruding mandibles (jaw looks square). I would like to get all of these reduced. Can all of these procedures be performed on the same day? Are there any plastic surgeons in Southwest USA whom you'd recommend for all of these procedures? I don't want a chin augmentation. Thank you!

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Jaw reduction

I would encourage you not to pursue zygoma reduction since your midface looks very youthful and feminine. For your nose you really addressed all of the things I would have mentioned. It would be surprising if you could breathe normally since it is so narrow. Your rhinoplasty would mainly involve bringing the tip of your nose closer to your face. This would also mean smoothing out and straightening your dorsum.

Reducing the back of your jaw would look nice to create more of a heart-shaped face. I use incisions inside the mouth to gain access to the bone and shape it with a powered rasp. You stay quite swollen for a month, and it gradually goes down over about 3 months. In my opinion, actually placing a small chin implant would make your nose look smaller even though you mentioned you don't want chin augmentation.

Thank you for your question Kristen,

Sarah Saxon, MD

Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

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