Bulging/hard stomach: Tummy tuck or lipo? (photo)

I posted a question yesterday and I like to complete it . I am 48 and mother of 3 teens . My bflly is bulged and disproportional to my body . My fat is kind " hard" . I rather have liposuction , but I think tummy tuck would be better . Any feedback is very appreciatted . Thanks !

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Bulging/hard stomach: Tummy tuck or lipo?

Thank you for your question. The picture is not helpful to really give you the advice you are seeking. A view from the front and the side will help us all answer this question better. So liposuction and a tummy tuck give very different results. In general liposuction will debulk the soft tissue and help clothes fit better while a tummy tuck will contour the abdomen much better. It just depends on what your goals are and in a consultation your surgeon should be able to guide you towards the best choice for you. 

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Bulging/hard stomach: Tummy tuck or lipo?

If you provide pictures showing your abdomen from the front and sides, recommendations can be made.
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Tummy Tuck Or Liposuction?

In general, liposuction is used on the abdomen when the skin quality is good and will shrink down after the fat is removed. A tummy tuck is the better option when there is loose skin involving the abdomen. In some cases these operations can be combined. Neither of these operations will treat the fat that is within the abdominal cavity. Please see a board certified plastic surgeon as an exam is required to come up with the best plan to help you attain your goals.

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Bulging/hard stomach: Tummy tuck or lipo?

I'm afraid the photo is of no help. To have an idea of the problem we would need level view front and side pics. But if the abdomen is protruding and hard, that is probably muscle you are feeling and is being pushed forward by intrabdominal or visceral fat. If that is the case neither TT nor Liposuction is indicated. That fat goes away only with weight loss. 

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