Breast augmentation 1 wk ago, sensitive nipples?

I got a breast augmentation exactly 7 days ago. I was 32b and got 500cc BBA with saline. Today as I took my sports bra off before showering. My nipples were so sensitive they felt like they were burning. I put some cocobutter lotion and it did ease the pain for a bit. Still sensitive to the touch. I haven't experience this , just today was the first day. Is this normal? What can I do and how long should I expect this to last?

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Breast augmentation 1 wk ago, sensitive nipples? = normal post surgical finding #breastaugmentation #breasimplatns

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Nipples can become very sensitive and feel like burning during the healing process of breast augmentation with implants. The reason is that during surgery, the nerves that controls the sensation of the nipple may get stretched during surgery. This stretching of the nerves translates on hypersensitivity or burning sensation. This finding usually gets better every day and disappear in a number of days or weeks. 

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Sensitive Nipples

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This is a totally normal response. You can be hypersensitive or hyposensitive for sometime after your surgery. It will go away in time, however it may take several months. 

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Nipple hypersensivity after breast augmentation.

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It is quite common to have very sensitive nipples for a short time after breast augmentation - especially when larger implants are placed.  This is from stretch on the nerve to the nipple and it almost always resolves completely.

Breast Augmentation - Sensitive Nipples

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This is not uncommon after a breast augmentation. The nerves that give sensation to the breast come from the ribs at the sides of the breast and then make their way over to the nipple. After an augmentation, they are stretched over the implant so they can act a little funny. Some patients get a numbness, some burning, some hypersensitive where even your shirt (or in your case, the water in the shower) can start the nerves acting crazy. Many patients feel like it is so aggravating like nails on a chalkboard! 

Here's what to do: Put a little circle bandaid on each nipple. Basically, you are keeping the outside stimuli from touching the nipple so that it can't make that nerve fire in a bizarre way. It is important that it is a bandaid that is STUCK to your skin, not something like gauze that can rub over the nipple and cause the nerves to fire. This can take 1-3 months to get better but usually gets better slowly over time until you don't notice it anymore as the swelling goes down.

Hang in there!

Nipple sensitivity

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Thanks for your inquiry, and your symptom is not uncommon.  Nipple sensitivity tends to subside over the first fe weeks.  Sometimes this sensitivity can persist longer or indefinitely, but that is rare.  Please be examined by your plastic surgeon to make sure you are healing well, good luck.  

Breast augmentation 1 wk ago, sensitive nipples?

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Congratulations on having undergone the breast augmentation procedure. The hypersensitivity of the nipple/areola complexes that you describe is quite common and self limited; these concerns generally improve over the course of several weeks/months. Occasionally (rarely), I have seen hypersensitivity issues persists for close to one year. Best wishes.

Postop nipple sensitivity

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After breast augmentation, the nerves to the nipple (primarily the 4th intercostal nerve) can get stretched. This is particularly the case when large implants are placed. As the nerve starts to work again after this stretch injury, it is common to have hypersensitivity issues. Thankfully, this problem almost always resolves over time. In some patients that means a few weeks, although in others it can be months. Try your best to be patient, and if things are worsening or not improving at all over time, I suggest that you re-visit your surgeon to check your breasts and make sure you are progressing normally. 

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Breast augmentation 1 wk ago, sensitive nipples?

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Thank you for your question.  Nipple sensitivity is very common after breast augmentation.  Usually the hypersensitivity decreases over the first 2-3 weeks although in some cases it may last longer.  Please be assured however that this is a very common normal occurrence and will resolve.

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