What laser is recommended to rejuvenate this under eye skin that was damaged by a 1440 laser treatment 2 years ago? (Photo)

I had some clogged pores turn to small pock marks right after the procedure and now small wrinkles; some slight fat loss as well. I am looking for for gentle collagen plumping and exfoliation of that top layer of skin -- I prefer a laser solution to injections because of allergic reaction to synthetics and the expense ( and risk) for fat injections under the eye, but am VERY concerned with additional fat loss or other types of scarring ( the acne is cleared up now).

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Under the eye treatment

Hi and thanks for your question. If you have lost volume and fat under the eye, the best treatment is eaither filler or fat transfer . For the fine wrinkle Combination of PrP and RF would be a good option. I suggest to see an expert physician 

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Skin Damage -- Intensif, Fraxel, Aerolase, Vascular Lasers, PRP/Microneedling, Sculptra, LED with Growth Factors, Skin Care

Burns require a series of treatments with other lasers, skin care, sculptra/prp injections for repair and collagen production and deep tissue heating for repair with microsecond yag treatments.  I suggest seeing an expert, this will require a long term treatment plan to get improvement.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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