Uncomfortable with the shape of my breasts. Are they tubular? How can I make them look more perky and natural? (photo)

I am wondering if I do. I am uncomfortable with the shape of them, and I would like to find about what I can do to make my breasts look more perky and look extremely natural.

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Tubular breasts?

You definitely have components of a tubular breast but not as severe as others. This can be improved with a lift and if you want to go larger with an implant as well.

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Do I Have Tubular Breasts? (photo)

You do have tubular breasts with asymmetry

Correction will require a circum-areolar lift together with internal re-positioning of the breast tissue

Hilton Becker, MD
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Do I Have Tubular Breasts?

Thanks for the posted photos. In semi medical terms you have hypoplasia, tuberous, asymmetry, 4th degree ptosis of the breasts 

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Do I have tuberous breasts?

Thank you for your questions and is a high inframmary fold of the breast and a large or dilated areola. Some call it areolar herniation. When I describe it to my patients I usually describe a breast that looks somewhat like the shape of a Snoopy nose.

The photographs that you have sent appear to be consistent with tuberous breasts.

Sometimes this can be improved by the periareolar tightening, but in many cases a full breast lift not only reduces the size of the areola, but also does a better job of changing the shape of the breasts to a more normal shape.

Based upon your photographs I suspect you would do better with a full breast lift, but it is important to find and be examined by a board certified plastic surgeon before you make any final decisions.


Best wishes.

PS: if you look under my breast lift gallery here on real self there is an example of a woman with a tuberous breast, where the breast has been reshaped using a full mastopxy.


Best wishes.


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