Tubular Breasts Revision? (photo)

Helo, I'll be very happy if you can recommand me, I had tubular breasts revision 2 years ago I dont have a picture of my breasts before the operation, my left side was A cup, but very saggy and the right was much more little my doctor used 325-385CC silicone imlants, moderate profile over muscle, benelli lift I am not happy with my result. I guess tubular breasts can't look perfect but I really want to go on another surgery, and get a round shape .another benelli lift can help? thanks!!!

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Revision Can Give You Perfect Breasts!

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If you do the wrong surgery, its hard to get the best results...  I always place implants under the muscle.  High profile implants are better because the circum-areolar lift (Binelli) flattens the breast!!!  Once they are in the correct position, your own breasts are repositioned directly over the implants, with your nipples placed at the most anterior point of the new breast mound.  This is usually achieved by using the dual plane approach...sometimes I also radially scoring your own breast tissue to help it drape over the implant.

Don't despair you can still have an EXCELLENT result...you just need the right operation (and surgeon)...SHANA TOVA and GOOD LUCK! 

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