What is the Least Expensive Way to Correct Tuberous Breasts?

My breasts stopped developing about a year after I started puberty 8 years ago in 5th grade. From pictures I've seen, I suspect I have tuberous breasts (weird shape, giant nipples which are not as visible in this picture), and if so, would like very much for them to be fixed. Ideally, I would also hope to be capable of breastfeeding my children, when I have them, so a minimally invasive procedure is preferable. I have little to no asymmetry, and am not looking for a size increase, just improvement in shape, and if possible, glandular tissue.

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Least expensive method of tuberous breast correction

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I am not sure what is considered an inexpensive method of tuberous breast implant correction. This typically requires a circumareolar approach with areolar reduction, dual plane dissection, radial relaxing incisions in mammary parenchyma and submuscular augmentation with silicone implants. FAt grafting is an emerging technique but may not be any less expensive in the short term but provide greater long term savings

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Tuberous breast surgery

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The tuberous breast deformity is characterized by a constricting ring at the base of the breast, which leads to deficient horizontal and vertical development of the breast with or without herniation of the breast parenchyma toward the nipple-areola complex and areola enlargement. The fold under the breast is usually higher up on the chest wall.

The treatment involves correction of the hernia if present, release of the constricted base (usually by cutting a star shaped incision into the base of the breast) & correction of the lower attachment of the breast to the chest wall (inframammary or under the breast skin crease) with or without placement of a breast implant. If one merely places a breast implant without correcting the other problems the resulting breast will look far from normal. I do not know of any non-invasive way of releasing a constricted breast base.

Aaron Stone, MD
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