Do I Have Tubular Breast or Ptosis? (photo)

21, no children, have seen 2 surgeons & one thinks they're tubular the other ptosis. I know I will need an uplift with small implants and aeriola reduction just researching surgeons and companies at the moment. Also with the uplift and aeriola reduction will I have lollipop or anchor scars do you think from pictures, they both say different? Thanks.

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Tubular or Ptotic Breasts?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Your pictures are taken in significantly different positions but I think you do have BOTH  constricted breasts ( especially right side)  as well as breast ptosis (more severe on your left).  Breast lifting will likely require circumareolar  and vertical incisions/scars.  A horizontal excision/scar may also be necessary on the more ptotic breast,  in order to improve symmetry of the breast.

Although your breast symmetry will likely be improved significantly with breast surgery, it will be important to achieve realistic expectations prior to surgery.  You should be aware that absolute symmetry will not be achieved despite best efforts. You would also be wise to consider the other risks/complications associated with complicated breast surgery.  The need for additional surgery should also be considered.

 If you are planning any weight loss, you will be best off undergoing the breast surgery after you have reached a long-term stable weight.  Timing of the procedure will also be important ( in relation to life circumstances, such as pregnancy).

 I hope this helps.


Do I Have Tubular Breast or #Ptosis? #breastlift (photo) ANS:

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For sure, ptosis and you will need a full lift, not the lollipop. But it's hard to tell if you have true tubular breast or not but the treatment is going to be very similar in that a full lift with an implant is in order!

John J. Corey, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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Do I Have Tubular Breast or Ptosis?

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Well, you certainly have ptosis. The two diagnoses are not mutually exclusive. Whether or no you have a tubular breast depends on a number of factors, but the main ones are constriction, or missing lower pole breast tissue, which I don't see in these photos, and a high breast fold which I also do not see.

To get you a good result you would need surgery to lift the areolae, a breast lift, most likely with an anchor pattern at least on the left. To equalize the size, either enlarge one (or both if that is your wish) or reduce the larger left breast. The areolar reduction is part of a lift. 

If the left side is adequate is size, an augmentation of the right side with implant (or fat) is in order. If the left side is too small, augmentating both sides is in order. If the right side is the desired size, reducing the left breast is the best option.  

A live consult with an experienced surgeon is far better than an online consultation. I wouldn't be concerned about the diagnosis the surgeon makes, but if there is a big difference in treatment suggestion, getting another opinion would be your best bet. 


Thanks for the question and for the  photos. Best wishes.


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Tubular breasts and ptosis What do I have

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Hi....I am assuming that your picture is one shown and the other photo is of another person because these two do not seem to be the same person.  Perhaps at different times or after a pregnancy/weight change.   In either case, you have asymmetric breasts with the left tubing significantly and the right not so much (although in the right the viewer looks), there is significant tubing and ptosis of both breasts.  Your  case is interesting in many ways but be sure to see a board certified plastic surgeon who has done a lot...LOT of this type of surgery.  You will need a bilateral asymmetric breast reduction/lift and with that will the the correction and reduction of the areolas and the elevation of both nipple complexes to a position above the crease under the breasts.  There are advantages and disadvantages of the various types of lifts (lolipop/donut/anchor etc) and that will be explained to you during your consultation.

Do I Have Tubular Breast or Ptosis?

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Are the two posted photos of you because they look like different patients in my viewing??? In your situation best to see a few or many boarded PSs in your city IN PERSON to evaluate your breast issues. To me you have ptosis with asymmetry. 

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