I Have Tuberous Breasts, Can I Still Get a Natural Look but Have Them Under the Muscle, Dual Plane Maybe? (photo)

2 surgeons so far have said i need to get teardrop implants and over the muscle. i really want them under. Can anyone please suggest another way? Thank u

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Tuberous breast and breast implants.

I agree that you have a tuberous type of breast and an implant would help give more fullness and roundness and a much more natural and proportional appearance. I would suggest the implants be placed submuscularly and I typically use a round implant as it actually flows more like a natural breast than a tear drop implant. Seek advice from an experienced plastic surgeon and have them show you photos of previous cases.

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Implants for Tuberous Breasts

While you do have tuberous breasts, you do not necessarily need teardrop implants to produce a positive result. You can maintain a very natural look through sub muscular implants. Make sure that your surgeon is very experienced with implants and is board certified. While an experienced surgeon may have a higher rate, they will ensure the best treatment possible. Discuss your case at length with your surgeon to make sure that you get what you want.


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Tuberous Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question and photo.

Yes, it is possible to place implants submuscularly for patients with tuberous breasts. I do not usually like to place implants subglandulary and I do not like using tear drop shaped implants.   I use round implants for most of my breast surgery as I find that tear drop shaped breast implants may rotate and therefore change the shape of the breasts. 

Visit with well experienced board certified plastic surgeons who have experience with patients who have tuberous breasts.  The link below may be of some help to you in your research.

I hope this helps.

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Tuberous Breasts: Can I Still Get a Natural Look but Have Them Under the Muscle?

I believe that you do have a form of constricted or tuberous breast deformity...you have large areolae with a very short areola-to-inframammary fold distance and constricted lower poles with a wide distance between your breasts. There are many variations of constricted or tuberous breasts.  In any event, your inframammary folds need to be lowered (the bottom of the implant lies at the level of this fold) so that the nipple is not at the bottom of the breast way below the "equator" of the implant and pointing at the floor. The old crease needs to be obliterated and the lower pole constriction "released".  There is no benefit to placing the implants on top of the muscle, in my opinion, and some possible disadvantages such as a more prominent upper edge of the implant, possible visible wrinkling of the upper implant, and potentially a higher risk of capsular contracture.  The plastic surgeons suggesting this must be thinking that the implants will have a more direct "stretching" effect on your constricted lower poles...it is not necessary.  A dual plane technique allows the implant to be covered by muscle superiorly where it is most important for implant camouflage and not restrict the stretching effect of the implant on the lower pole. You might get another opinion. If you want your areolae to be smaller, you may consider a periareolar lift either at the same time or at a later stage.

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Tuberous breasts

Hi there,

It should be possible for you to have a dual plane approach.  Your breasts are difficult to assess from your picture.  I suggest some further consultations with plastic surgeons experienced in breast surgery, and an open mind.  

There's no reason you can't achieve a high quality result.

Good luck!




Over or Under?

Thank you for the picture. You may some form of tuberous breast because of the constriction of the lower breast pole and herniation of the breast tissue into the nipple areola area.  I would not suggest implants be placed on top of the muscle.  There are several way to treat this situation.  I would agree that additional consultations with board certified plastic surgeons are warranted.

Dr. ES

I Have Tuberous Breasts

I am not sure that by this photo I would say these are tuberous breasts.

They are small, they are further apart than some, but the folds and lower half of the breasts look proportional. 

But I am only seeing one view, and not a live patient has your consultants have seen.

I am not convinced that placement over the muscle is a best choice, and I would suggest that you seek out additional consultation.

Thanks for your question, best wishes. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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