Do I have tuberous breasts and how severe are they? Would I need a breast lift in addition to implants? (photo)

Do I have tuberous breasts? And if so, on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 very mild, 2 mild, 3 moderate, serious, very serious case) how tuberous are they? or are they just saggy and uneven? Would I need a breast lift in addition to implants if I just wanted a little more fullness in the lower pole, not 'perfect' results?

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Breast augmentation -getting it right the first time

Yes you do. By your scale I would say 2 on the right and 3 to 4 on the left. The main issue is that you cannot just place implants and expect a good result. The native breast tissue is not centered under the nipples. More of it is above nipple level especially on the left. That would not change if you just placed implants centered under the nipples.

Your situation is sufficiently complex that no one can honestly tell you what your best option is/are based only on a front and single side view photo. The only one can say for sure is your best option is some surgery on the breast in addition to the implants.

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Tuberous breasts

Your breast that is picture on the right side  of the photo is a bit constricted at its base although there is no significant herniation or enlargement of the areola. Your main problem is the asymmetry.Depending on what your goals are in terms of size and shape and degree of asymmetry that is acceptable, some combination of reduction, augmentation, and lifting is probable. The best symmetry is achieved when you do similar procedures to each side. For example, reducing the right side so that one can use similar implants on either side, and then do a lift of some sort to make the nipple positions symmetric would be a reasonable plan.

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
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It looks like your breasts are a bit narrow, but an implant and maybe a circumareola lift may be all that you need.

Steven Wallach, MD
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No you don't need a lift

You have asymmetry and mild tuberosity on the left as far as I can see in the pictures.
You do not need a lift as long as you understand that implants alone simple enlarge existing breasts, and they do not lift breasts (I often find that patients think adding an implant will give them a perkier, lifted breast).

Martin Jugenburg, MD, FRCSC

Martin Jugenburg, MD
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Mild tuberous deformity

Thank you for the photos. It looks like you have a mild tuberous deformity which can be corrected using shaped silicone implants to give you a lift and more fullness in the lower part of your breasts without additional scarring. Best of luck ..

Dana Khuthaila, MD, FACS
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Your have constricted lower pole and small implants alone will do fine

You do not have herniation of the nipple areolar complex that is seen with tubular breast . You have severe asymmetry and constricted lower pole . You should get good results with implant. The other option would be fat grafting for the correction of the size and shape asymmetry.

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
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Saggy and uneven is just about it

A tuberous breast has a constricted skin envelope and a constriction about the base of the areola with nipple herniation, and my vote is no. We have repaired many. You are saggy and uneven but then again not unlike many, and a implant alone should do nicely.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Do I Have Tuberous Breasts?

Thanks for posting good exposure photos. Yes you have a mild tuberous deformity with asymmetry and pseudoptosis to grade I ptosis. The left breast is grade I tuberous with very little ptosis. While the larger right breast has a more involved tuberous/ptosis. Also the nipple-infra mammary fold distance appears short. Options are best detailed in an in person examination with a boarded PSs in your area. But for the completeness of my answer I will offer some options to add to your thought process. I might offer an bilateral donut lifts (more on the right side) + fat grafting to try to even out the symmetry. If this did not satisfy than proceed to implants. Your case really needs in person evaluation. Good luck. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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Tuberous Breasts

Dear Peggy Sue,

Your photos were helpful as a starting point regarding the size, shape and positioning of your breasts.  I believe that you have a moderate form of tuberous breast deformity.  What should you do?  I consultation with a plastic surgeon is the first step. He or she will examine you and measure you and then incorporate his or her findings in relation to your expectations.  A combined breast implant and/or  breast tissue  are options to consider.  A more definitive recommendation that would benefit you should come after a consultation.

Theodore Diktaban, MD, FACS
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Do I Have Tuberous Breasts?

Dear Peggy Sue,

Thank you for your question and also providing the photos.  From the photos, it does appear that you do have a mild(2-3) form a tuberous breast development.  What the photos do not give us are the measurements that a plastic surgeon would obtain during your examination which determine the position of your nipples in relation to the rest of your chest.  These measurements will help the plastic surgeon to decide if your nipples are at the right position for your height and the lower pole of the breast and the fold need to be lowered or if the nipples are too low and need to be lifted or even a combination of the two.

There are lots of decisions that need to be made in addressing tuberous breasts and this requires working with your plastic surgeon to find the best type and style of implant for you, the best position for placing the implant, and what if type of lift, if any is required.  Please obtain a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who can help start you on this process.  Best of luck.

Herluf G. Lund, Jr, MD
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