Female, 23 years old. Hello, I am wondering if I have tuberous breast deformity or just sagging and large areolas? (photo)

Female, 23 years old. Hello, I am wondering if I have tuberous breast deformity or just sagging and large areolas? I would like to keep my current size, but achieve a more natular round shape without the sagging and with smaller areolas. What are my options? Thanks!

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Tuberous breasts

You have ptosis and wide areola. You may have some very mild signs of the tuberous breast and you will need implants and a breast lift

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Tuberous Breasts?

    They are not tuberous breasts in the classical sense, but they are not perfectly round breasts either.  The classification does not matter as much as what can be done to help the look.  A breast lift with or without implant would be my recommendation.

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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You would benefit from a lift with a small implant.

To answer your question, your breasts have some droop and possibly a small component of a tuberous breast. A recommandation for your concerns would be a mastopexy (breast lift) with a small implant for an improvement in shape. The lift would tighten your tissues and reduce your areola size as well. Choosing a small implant would give you some added volume for a nicer overall look and shape to your breasts. Good luck with your decision!

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?Tuberous breasts

There are a number of features that define a tubular breast:
•Wide and puffy areolae
•widely spaced breasts
•high breast fold
•constricted lower pole (deficient tissue in lower half of the breast
•minimal breast tissue
•high breast fold
•narrow base of the breast

The only feature that I see in your photos is the wide spacing of what appear to be normally shaped breasts. 

Given your preferences, a breast lift would be the correct operation. Most likely this would be done with an incision around the areola to reposition and downsize, and a vertical incision to remove some of the skin excess and to help shpae the breasts. 

When you ready for an in person consultation, RealSelf has listings of surgeons in your area. You should consider cross referencing the listings from the The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (plasticsurgery dot org). A listing in the ASPS website assures you that your surgeon is not only board certified,  but also is a member in good standing of the major plastic surgery organization in the U. S.

Thank you for your question, best wishes.

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No Tuberous Breasts Deformity

You do not have tuberous breast deformity.  You can have and areolar reduction and lift.  This will decrease your breast size.  To retain some aspects of your breast size you will need an implant.

Dr. ES

Tuberous breast?

No, these breasts are not tuberous.  They are sagging.  You will need a mastopexy and probably an implant behind the muscle.  Size of implant is negotiable.

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Correcting thinner looking breasts.

You can definately benefit from a lift and implants.  You can try on different sizes and talk with your PS about making the base of your breasts a little wider surgically and filling them with the right size implants. 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Breast lift with areola vertical scar.

this is a moderate case of tuberous breast, which requires a standard breast lift without implants. the scar is gong to be limited at the areola and vertical , from lower areola to inframammary fold. fe incisions of the gland could be necessary to distend and shape the breast .patient must wear 2,3 months a supporting bra until scar and shape is achieved . operation could be performed under local anesthesia and light sedation


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Breast ptosis

You may have trace elements of a tuberous breast in the sense that they may be a bit narrow.  However, I think you need more of a lift than anything else.  This can often be done with a vertical lift only( lollipop incision).  Good luck!

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Hello. Thanks for posting your question. The photos show and sagging and some of the signs of a tuberous breast, like a wide areola and tight breast base. You have several options including breast lift and implants, but you should discuss this with your PS. Best wishes, Dr. Aldo.

Aldo Guerra, MD
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