Tuberous Breasts? Ptosis Breasts? (photo)

i'm 26 and breasts grow in saggy, far apart and with large nipples. Are these tuberous breasts or ptosis breasts ?

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This is breast ptosis

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This is grade 3 breast ptosis and a full anchor mastopexy can do a wonderful job in fixing the shape, at a cost of scars which are needed to reshape the tissue.  Meet with a board certified plastic surgeon and learn all of your options.  Good luck!

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You have ptotic breasts

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You have grade IV ptosis and will need a full breast lift.  If you chose to be larger you may chose to place an implant or consider fat grafting.  You do not have tubular breasts. 

Benjamin Chu, MD, FACS
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon
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Ptotic but not tuberous breasts.

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The photograph demonstrates significant ptosis of the breasts. These are not constricted breasts as the diameter of the base appears relatively normal. Treatment would include a mastopexy and a breast implant if the patient wants to be larger.

Tuberous or ptotic breasts?

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In my opinion they are primarily just ptotic. There is a very small component that has a constricted base, or lower portion of the breast, but I would not really consider them to be tuberous. There is also obviously an asymmetry. I would recommend a lift or reduction in order to get them to match better and have a better shape. If they are not large enough for you I would recommend adding implants at a second procedure. Even though no one really wants to have two operations the final results would be so much better. There are simply too many variables with breasts like yours. With that in mind you should be able to get a great result.

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