Do I Have Tuberous Breast? If Yes, Do You Think Surgery Could Work for Me? (photo)

Hi, When I was 14, I saw a doctor to ask him why my breast looked so different and he laughed at me... so I never asked anybody again... until now. When it's cold my breast looks pretty normal except if I this case they look like tubes.... But when it's hot the areola looks very puffy (it can be 3cm and the nipple disappears). I just would like to have a normal breast and I'm not really convinced by having implants... but would it work without any implants? Thanks for your time.

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Do I Have Tuberous Breasts?

I am sorry that you had such a traumatic encounter with your Dr. when you were at such a vulnerable stage of your life.  Patients need to be free to ask whatever question they need addressed by their doctors without fear of embarrassment.

From your photos, you do not meet the qualifications for a tuberous breast deformity.  Your breasts appear to be deflated after pregnancy and nursing.  This can be corrected with a breast augmentation.  If you desire to decrease your nipple size, you may also want to consider a nipple reduction procedure which can be performed at the same time as breast augmentation.

One other thing to note; one of the reasons you may have thought you had a tuberous breast is the positioning of your breasts on your chest wall.  Your chest and ribs have a fairly rounded shape which will push the breasts more lateral and spread apart.  This is not an abnormality but just another variation in the positioning of breasts on the chest.  While implants cannot re-position your breasts, they will increase your breast size giving more volume for you to "position" on your chest with your bra or swimsuit.

 Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who can best help you address your concerns and achieve your goals.  Hope this helped.

Saint Louis Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous Breast

You do not have tuberous breast.  It sounds like your areolas change dramatically with stimulation or temperature changes.  You could just have an areolar reduction to decrease the diameter, or you could have an implant with or without areolar reduction depending on your goals.

Don W. Griffin, MD
Nashville Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous breasts

First , I am sorry that you had such a bad experience with an insensitive Dr. You do not have tuberous breast deformity but your breasts can be improved with surgery. The best way would be with breast implants. That would fill out the deficiency you have in your upper breasts. You could also have an areolar reduction to reduce the size of the areolas. You can have more normal looking breasts.

Without implants you would need to have  a breast lift that would reposition the breast tissue higher on your chest. 

John P. Stratis, MD
Harrisburg Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberour breasts?

Are my breasts tuberous?  I do not think so from the photos. They look a bit deflated and could use more fill, thuc requiring an implant.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous or Normal Breasts?

From your photos, it does appear that you have breast asymmetry, but not tuberous breasts. You should have improvement with an augmentation in addition to an areolar reduction. This can help improve the problems you have when the nipples are not erect. Tightening of the tissues will help improve the balance of your breasts and areolae in the same procedure.

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Vincent P. Marin, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Tuberous Breasts

no you do not have tuberous breasts. A straight forward breast augmentation should solve your size problem.

Robert Kearney, MD, FACS
La Jolla Plastic Surgeon
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Do I have tuberous breasts?

Judging from the photos you do not have tuberous breasts. If you desire more fullness you can benefit from augmentation and obtain a very satisfactory result. Good luck!

George Lefkovits, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Are my Breasts Tuberous?

No, they are not, they are deflatted and could use some enhancement, a simple straight forward augmentatiomn is the way to go or for some minor enhancement fat graffting may work for you! Good luck

Jonathan Weiler, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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No you do not have tuberous breasts!

You have a slight asymmetry and if you want be fuller on the top you can get breast implants or fat transferred to your breasts (fat grafting). Best of luck !

Dana Khuthaila, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Do I Have Tuberous Breast? If Yes, Do You Think Surgery Could Work for Me?

The posted photos show no tuberous deformity. Therefore a straight augmentation will work for you. Seek in person evaluation from boarded PS in your area. 

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon
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