Tuberous Breast Reconstruction- Still Having Issues (photo)

4/15/11 I had 400cc silicone implants to fix tuberous breasts. After surgery my right breast was droopy & still had the tuberous shape. My surgeon did an in office procedure 4 weeks ago and cut around the areola to do a small lift. I think the results are great. The side now has a round shape. But I feel like the left is doing the same. And the areola's are now diff sizes. Is their a reason he didnt do this to both sides? Can it be done to the left? Can the right go back to the tuberous shape?

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Tubular Breasts

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The incision around the nipple/areola is a very nice way to correct mild tuberous/tubular breast deformities.  I would agree that it should be performed on the other side also, and probably should have been performed during the original procedure.

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Tuberous breast after augmentation.

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Yes the left breast can have a similar procedure to reduce the size of the areola. The right breast will not likely become tuberous again. It is more likely that the residual tuberous appearance of your right breast in the photographs will continue to improve with time as the soft tissues stretch and remodel.

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Tuberous Breast Surgery

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Your photos show a fairly good result for having a tuberous breast deformity.  It is common to need some revisionary touch-up surgery after the breast tissue has stretched and the implants settled.  Nipple/areola enlargement with protrusion of breast tissue into the areola is also a  component of many tuberous breast deformities.  Commonly, the areolae may differ in size and may stretch differently after augmentation.  This may explain why your surgeon only worked on the left side.  Your right areola appears fairly normal.  I don't think additional surgery on the right side is necessary.   Once corrected, tuberous breast issues should not recur. I believe that you have had a fairly good result.  Remember, absolute symmetry will probably never occur, but your breast are actually fairly even in the pictures you provided. 

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

Tuberous breast reconstruction can be challenging and is more likely to require revisionary surgery compared to breast augmentation  done for "non-tuberous breasts".

It is not possible to say why your surgeon chose to perform the procedure he did on one side and not the other. It is possible that a similar type procedure may be necessary on the left. Surgery may also be necessary to improve symmetry of the areola.

Overall, considering that you started out with tuberous breasts you have achieved a nice “foundation”;  smaller revisionary type operations will help it improve  the outcome.

I would suggest continued follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

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