Tuberous Breast Correction? (photo)

Going abroad for BA with reputable hospital.Contacted reputable ones receiving feedback.Dr said its a severe case of tubular breast and needs scoring and lift via areola.Did not state lift type or best implant.2nd Dr said space between areola and crease is short.Teardrop implants(McGhan410)advised via crease.Implants to be positioned higher so lower border of implant is not immediately above crease.Am 36A/AA and would like a full C.Will dual plane smooth round implants with scoring be advisable?

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Tuberous Breast and Breast Augmentation

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It does appear by looking at your pictures that you do have tuberous breast. If you are going overseas for surgery make sure it is experienced surgeon that is board certified in plastic surgery and that you have some one to follow up with after the surgery in the state you live in. The common procedure is to have a breast augmentation with a peri-areolar incision and radial scoring of the inferior portion of the breast. Which implant to sue depends on the surgeon's experience but form shaped cohesive anatomical breast implants are a good choice. If your breast tissue characteristics are tight and not lose at times a tissue expander helps or a smaller size implant that can be exchanged later for a larger size if needed.   


Good Luck!

Correction of a small breast

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From your photographs you do appear to have a breast with a short distance from your nipple to the crease beneath your breast.  This is really just a variation of a small breast and not entirely a tuberous breast.  Essential for you to get a nice result is a plastic surgeon who understands your anatomy and desires.  The biggest problem is the quality and elasticity the skin of the lower pole of the breast.  If the implant is placed too high your nipple will point downward, if placed too high the breast will appear bottomed out and the nipple will point upward.  Proper placement of the implant a the correct position as well as radial cuts of the breast tissue to allow the breast to splay out over the implant are keys to a nice result.  The use of either a tear dropped shaped implant vs. a round smooth implant are not as important as one of the correct base diameter and size.  

Tuberous Breast Deformity

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From the pictures posted, You show mild to moderate tuberous breast deformity.

You do not need a lift.

Need more definition to the infra mammary line, scoring the constricted breast tissue and an implant of your choice. Each shaped implant will give you a different look. You need to understand what needs to be done, what each implant will do. The appropriate size of the implant to your measurement.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Tuberous Breast Correction?

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Not sure you are USA located? But if you are I recommend obtaining a few IN PERSON evaluations with boarded PSs in your city. Going aboard in your case of tuberous deformity is not a good idea in my opinion. 

Tuberous breasts

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Yes, you do look like you have a tuberous breast deformity.  Usually treatment of the lower pole is important and then an areola circumferential sutures is important for some patients.

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