Is Tuberous Breast Augmentation Possible Without Surgery?

I am 15 and I hate my breasts!I am pretty sure they are tuberous and I really dislike the deformity. Even though I am extremely unhappy with my breasts I'm still young and I dont want to have surgery. I would like to know if there is any way to make me comfortable with my breasts without having to go under the knife.

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Non-surgical treatment of tuberous breast deformity.

Some individuals have employed the BRAVA device to soften the appearance of the tuberous breast while others have turned to the use of fat injections which require minimal surgery on the breasts but harvesting of fat from donor sites.

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Tuberous Breast Correction = Surgery

There is NO effective way to treat a tuberous breast deformity without surgery. By its very nature, the tuberous deformity CONSTRICTS the breast resulting in a tuber-shape or "snoopy dog" deformity. Radial release of these constricting bands is required along with placement of an underlying implant to open the breasts and give them an attractive circular dome shape.

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Tuberous breast deformity

First of all you are only 15 and they still may grow.  Unfortunately there are no really good solutions without surgery.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Fixing Tuberous Breast Deformity

Unfortunately, there is no way to correct the deformity without surgery.  Maybe, with time and a little more development, the breasts will take on a more natural shape.  However, if it is truly tuberous breast deformity, then it is not going to correct itself on its own.

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Look at them in the mirror every and and repeat to yourself  "I love my breasts, I love my breasts, I love my breasts." Maybe after a while you will believe yourself.

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Tuberous breast augmentation possible without surgery

Easy answer is NO. But a photo would have helped understand the type of deformity. Seek at least 3 opinions from boarded surgeons in your area.

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