Had TT 5 Weeks Ago. Will my BB Open Up? (photo)

I know TT is still very recent but my BB looks so ugly. My PS said he does this little heart shape incision to make it look as natural as possible. I was hoping maybe a doctor on here has seen results like mine and can tell me if my BB should start to look a bit more normal in the future, or is it possible I may need a little revision. I'm not trying to be over anxious for results but I see so many others on here with such cute BB's by 5 weeks and mine is definitely not. Thank you.

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Had TT 5 Weeks Ago. Will my BB Open Up? (photo)

Please allow 6 months healing time than consider steroid injections or Thermigen RF to decrease tissues. 

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Questions about umbilical shape after an abdominoplasty

The umbilicus is becomes the most noticeable portion of an abdominoplasty since the low transverse incision can be covered by your underwear or bathing suit bottom.  Your shape does not look bad.  Once it has had a chance to heal you may request a revision.  This will be a decision between you and your plastic surgeon.  

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Will my BB open Up?

Great Question, I tell my patients to purchase a silicone ball created exactly for that purpose, it goes into the belly button, tape is placed on top and the results over time are amazing, you can shape your BB and open it up. Good luck!

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Everybody is different

It is still early and things do change. It is hard to tell what else you can expect because I do not know what your belly button looked like prior to your operation. I think that you need to discuss this with your plastic surgeon and see what he has to say. Other than that, everything else is unreliable.

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Belly button after tummy tuck will improve over 6 months

Thank you for your question and photo. 5 weeks is far too early to worry about final belly button appearance. The appearance will definitely improve with time and don't make any decision about revision until you have waited 6 months. The silicon ball mentioned below sounds look a good idea.

Had TT 5 Weeks Ago. Will my BB Open Up?

Many thanks for the question and the photos. I am sorry to say that your question is about TT but you have a question that includes the result of BB. There are no pre operative photos. The only image around your naval at this stage looks good. Wish you good luck.

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