Do I Have To Pay To Repair?

tt w/muscle repair, 1 side stitches didn't hold, obvious bulge, not happy.  do i have 2 pay 2 repair

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Do I Have To Pay To Repair?

There is not quite enough info here to go on.

Policies about redo surgery will vary from office to office, and usually those are explained in advance in your pre-op packet. 

Again, without knowing the specifics here, I would say that most surgeons would not charge a professional fee, but the patient would be responsible for the costs of the operating room and anesthesia.

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What are revision fees?

Most surgeons will not charge you their fee in a situation such as yours, but you usually do have a minimal OR and Anesthesia fee.  

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Do I Have To Pay To Repair?

     Assuming that the repair failed due to technical error and not to intrinsically weak fascia, most surgeons would not charge a surgeon's fee.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Financial Arrangements regarding Cosmetic Surgery Complications

The financial arrangements regarding complications should be discussed prior to surgery.  Some complications can occur and this is one of them.   Muscle repair should not break down for sure.  Nevertheless this happens.  It is a complication.  When complications occur I always ask myself if I could have done better.  If I tell myself yes, I absorb all the cost. Usually plastic surgeons that are FACS and ABPS certified do a nice job.  If complications such as muscle separation occur,  a common approach is to not charge a surgeon's fee and the patient is responsible for the  OR and Anesthesia fee.   Every office is different.  How far are you from surgery?   Did this show up early.  Lots of information needed here.  My Best,  Dr C

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Revision Surgery Charges

Revision surgery fees are determined by your Plastic Surgeon and the reasons involved.  Operating room and anesthesia fees are paid by the patient.  Best wishes!

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Revision surgery charges

 It depends on the revision surgery policy your surgeon has. It should have been discussed prior to your surgery. I personally do not charge another surgeon fee in most cases, but anesthesia and OR fees are paid by the patient.

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