How Can I Tell if This is TT Swelling or my Final Result? (photo)

I had a tummy tuck in mid March along with a hyst and 2 other uro/gyn pelvic procedures. I still do not feel like my stomach is flat like alot of the pictures I see from other TTs at this stage of recovery. Also, my scar, to me, is alittle high where its actually in a sort of W and goes up almost to my belly button on the sides. Before my TT I carried alot of my weight in my stomach so I am concerned if this is my result or if I am still having swelling issues and wondering when will it settle.

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Final results of tummy tuck after 9 weeks?

No, I don't think you have gotten to your final result. It certainly takes at least 3 months to get close to your final results. There can still be some changes after that. Follow your surgeon's instructions.

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?s re tummy tuck result

First, you won't see the final result until between 4-6 months out.  Secondly, is wasn't optimal to do it when you were carrying extra weight, but that was what was done.  Please check your weight and make sure it is not higher than it was preop and try to lose 10-15 pounds over the next few months.  Finally, ask your surgeon what they think about the result so far.

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?FInal result 2 months after tummy tuck??

It's a bit hard to evaluate a postoperative result without having seen a preoperative photographs. 2 months is too soon to expect to see her final results. We don't know your height weight. If you carry a lot of weight within your abdomen before surgery that is also to after surgery. The tummy tuck will remove some excess skin and fat from outside the abdominal wall and can tighten the abdominal wall to some extent but cannot diminish the amount of fat and the abdominal cavity.


A discussion with your surgeon will be her best way to evaluate what expectations you can have for further improvement has healing continues.


Best wishes

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Is this the final result

Dear Chewebster

It is very difficult for us to determine anything without seeing your pre-op photos.  If you "carried alot of weight in your abdomen it may be that this is the final result due to most of your fat being internal (around the intestines).  You may also have a very thick abdominal wall and not be able to see the result without significant weight loss.  Posting the pre-op photos would be very helpful. 

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