Would a TT Be Right for Me? I Want To Get Rid of The Spare Tire From Pregnancy (photo)

I am a mother of 3 children. After my first child I wasn't able to loose any weight. I gained even more weight with the second. I was working out regularly with my third but I was showing at 2 months. My last pregnancy I gained a total of 16 lbs which was where my dr wanted me to be. And lost it all most instantly I gained the least with the last but my skin streched the most. Now I am stuck with this tire around my stomach. Also Do dr's give discounts for patients who pay cash?

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Tummy Tuck Candidate?

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Thank you for the question and pictures.

You will be an excellent candidate for tummy tuck surgery once you reach your long term stable weight.  Your timing in relation to having completed having pregnancies is ideal.

This operation will serve to remove a significant amount (but not all)  of stretch marks present,  remove significant skin and subcutaneous tissue, and “tighten up” abdominal wall muscles that have likely spread with weight gain/loss and pregnancy.  Often, patients also wish to have the pubic area addressed ( usually lifted and/or reduced in size).

As you do your homework,  I suggest that you educate yourself about “extended” tummy tuck surgery as well.  Sometimes an “extended” tummy tuck is necessary to treat the muffin top area. This extended tummy tuck procedure involves  excision of flank and back skin and adipose tissue as well as liposuction surgery. If liposuction alone is done the patient may still end up with the muffin top and require further surgery to improve the waistline in the future.

Good luck with your diet and exercise program;  it will be worth the hard work.    Hopefully, you will be very pleased with the results of tummy tuck surgery.

Tummy Tuck after Pregnancy

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Thank you for sharing your photos.    You have excess skin and fat involving the upper and lower abdomen.    Without an exam, it is difficult to determine how much muscle laxity you have.   I would recommend performing surgery at a goal weight that you can maintain longterm.   The abdominal wall is composed of three layers, skin/fat/muscle.   All of these are addressed by a tummy tuck.   However,  It is important to understand that the best results from a tummy tuck are when patients lose the fatty tissue on their own, allowing the tummy tuck to address the skin and muscle.    Bottomline, your plastic surgeon is going to be able to give you a tighter more elegant waistline if you work off some of that fatty tissue by diet and exercise.   I wish you a safe and healthy recovery!!

Paul S. Gill, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Tummy Tuck after pregnancy

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Thank you for your question and the photos. From the pictures, yes, it looks like you would benefit from some, if not all, aspects of a tummy tuck. For best results, get at or near the weight that you would like to be at the time of surgery and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle of diet and exercise.

To be sure tummy tuck is right for you, see at least two or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area for a full and complete evaluation to make sure you are a good candidate for the procedure and that it is safe for you to have surgery.  I hope this helps.

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Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) is Very Safe and Effective for Correcting Your Problems

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Hi there-

Without a formal examination (pictures are great but not as good as an in person exam) it would be difficult to say for sure, but you look like a good candidate for a tummy tuck with liposuction.

Please be aware of the following:

  • Safe and effective plastic surgery depends on finding a surgeon Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Achieving the best outcome possible requires understanding that the best plastic surgeons, in addition to having appropriate training and credentials, also have talent, skill, and experience.
  • On other words- we are not all created equal. Therefore, it is a mistake to shop for a low price, thinking that a tummy tuck in one office is the same as a tummy tuck in any other.

Your best bet if your goals are to be safe and to achieve the very best appearance you can, is to find a surgeon you like and feel you can trust, and whose outcomes consistently show the lovely, natural, and feminine appearance you desire. You may pay a little more for this kind of talent and expertise, but over the remainder of your life you will be very happy you did.

Abdominoplasty with mesh reinforcement

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You are an excellent candidate for a TT as long as you plan no further pregnancies.  Certainly, you would not want to undo the abdominoplasty by another pregnancy.  Although, you are most concerned about the spare tire and loose skin, the abdominal wall strength which is determined by your fascia is equally important.  Mesh reinforcement of the fascia has been shown to increase abdominal wall strength, increase efficiencies of muscles and reduce weight and maintain reduced weight.

Best of Luck,

Gary Horndeski, M.D.

TT ?

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 Are you finished with having children? Based on your photos, it appears that a Tummy Tuck would be the right procedure for you. Most surgeons do give a discount for cash since they are saved the credit card processing fee.

Would a TT Be Right for Me? I Want To Get Rid of The Spare Tire From Pregnancy (photo)

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Great photos posted! And as ALL expert agree a FULL TUMMY TUCK is a good option. Seek in person evaluations from boarded PSs in your area. 

Would a tummy tuck be right for me?

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Without examining you, from your photos it appears that you are carrying a fair amount of fatty tissue around your tummy, particularly in the upper tummy and, I would guess, within the abdominal cavity.  Tummy tucks are the answer for loose skin and for loose abdominal muscles and fascia.  They are not the answer for excess fatty tissue.  If you lose the excess weight that you are carrying around your middle, you will be an excellent candidate for a full tummy tuck, and should see very significant improvement.  Without this weight loss, you may get some improvement in reducing the lower tummy overhang, but the rest of the tummy will be essentially unchanged.

A Full Tummy Tuck is THE Answer

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The pregnancies stretched and separated your abdominal muscles as well as stretching and cracking (stretch marks) your abdominal skin. A Full Tummy Tuck is the only way to correct these deformities. It will tighten the abdominal muscles, narrow the waist, flatten the tummy and lift a sagging mons pubis. You may also benefit from having liposuction of the back and hips. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Candidate for Tummy Tuck

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Yes, you look like an excellent candidate for tummy tuck / abdominoplasty based on the photos.  However, you would need a full examination prior to making an final determination of what procedure(s) to have.  


Good Luck.

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