Should I Have a TT Revision, Scar Revision or Are There Treatments I Can Have Done to Improve the Scars? (photo)

TT was done in May 2012. I still have loose skin and stretch marks between BB and incision. I wonder if it is likely that a second attempt will remove the rest. Incision is ridged and has a few stitches that are embedded that are painful, also a flap that still hurts. Scar has also gotten thicker. Would my PS be obliged to correct any of these issues? Should I get a second TT with him or another PS? Or is this as good as it can be and I should just focus on reducing the appearance of the scar?

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Improving TT scars

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Problem scars around the umbilicus and positioning of the low transverse scar after an abdominoplasty.  The umbilical scar is really he cherry on the ice cream sundae when it comes to abdominoplasty surgery.  It is the most visible scar and most plastic surgeons are very careful to create a nice, aesthetically pleasing scar.  Everything can be done correctly and a small percentage of patients will make a bad scar.  Your scar may lower over time.  I always have my patients pull up as hard as they can in the pre op room and I mark the incision to be 6 cm above the top of the superior labial area.  This keeps the scar in low position.

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Should I Have a TT Revision, Scar Revision or Are There Treatments I Can Have Done to Improve the Scars?

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Even with the posted photos I can not determine how and what type of suture closure was used. If so unhappy a scar revision might help with a little liposuction. But only IN PERSON evaluation will allow that to be determined. Seek second opinions. 

Ridging of scar after a tummy tuck

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The ridging of your scar after the tummy tuck is something that likely can be improved with a small scar revision by your plastic surgeon.  I am sure that they would appreciate you letting them know about it so they can touch it up.  The stretch mark question is more difficult, patients that have stretch marks above the level of the belly button pre-tummy tuck will definitely have them post-tummy tuck.  Without seeing your pre-op photos I cannot comment on that.

Should I Have a TT Revision,

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Although there are no pre-op photos to compare, this looks like a perfectly nice result. The biggest factor in scar quality is the patient's own biology, and to that extent is beyond the control of the surgeon. I would focus on non-operative scar improvement, about which your surgeon will be in the best position to advise. 

There is no way that all your stretch marks can be removed. As to "embedded" sutures, I am not quite certain what this means--I see no extruding sutures in the photos. Any dissolving sutures will dissolve. Although the suture supposedly dissolves in 3 months, where it is knotted it takes considerably longer. 

Having a second TT seems to me to be a mistake. None of the things about which you are unhappy are likely to improve, and you scar will probably look in eight months much like it looks today. 

There are numerous scar remedies to discuss with your surgeon.All the best.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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