TT revision 4 weeks post op with severe diastasis recti and double hernia repair?

At 6 days my dr told me to stand up straight, use my stomach muscles and at 2 weeks I can go back to normal activity vac, cleaning the floors. I went back for my 4 week appt and my muscle repair was not repaired. I brought it to his attention every appt. My stomach is still bulging out. My question is, why do I pay to have this redone when he didn't do this correctly.

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TT revision

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I am not sure what the office policies were in your doctors office, but be sure you go back to read the contract carefully. Usually the policies about revision are clearly outlined in any contract that you signed prior to your surgery. If there is no mention of this, I think that it is reasonable to assume that a revision surgery required within the first year of doing the first surgery would be no charge. There are often hospital charges that your surgeon can not control (anesthesia etc.) so if you are being charged, it could be for that and not for additional surgeon's fees. Standing up straight on day 6 and getting back to full activity by week two is very aggressive. If you do need to have a revision surgery done, I urge you to take your time to recover. Your healing will take 6 weeks and more to reach their maximum strength....take it slow. It will be worth it in the end. Good luck!! I hope this helps!!

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