TT result after 5.5 years. very swollen still. bad result? How much weight to lose before I have flat tummy? (photo)

Hi, sorry I don't have pics pre op but just loose skin after lost about 70 pounds, back to fit before the surgery. I got a full TT, muscle repair and lipo. but after 5.5 years, my belly is still round and swollen. very hard still. is it a BAD TT result?my dr suggested me for a lipo but not really want to go under surgery again. what can I do? HOW MUCH SHOULD I LOSE TO HAVE A FLAT ONE. a 35 YRS OLD male: 175 pounds 5.10 currently. thanks

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Swelling 5 1/2 years after a tummy tuck

There is no swelling left 5 1/2 years after an operation. In general it looks as if your result is fairly good. Some revision liposuction may well help recontour things and improve the appearance. A consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is going to give you your best recommendation at this time.

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