TT Muscle Repair

I was reading that having a TT with muscle repair effects your vena cava and blood flow. Can you explain? How tight is too tight? I saw that most surgeons said adding this repair is no more dangerous then the tummy tuck itself, but if repair effects blood flow and pressure on vena cava then going without repair seems safer right?

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Tummy Tuck Muscle Repair and Venous Return Problems?

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Thank you for the interesting question.

I am not aware of any literature that documents compression of the vena cava after tummy tuck surgery. I am interested in learning so I would appreciate you forwarding the source of information to me if you would (

Generally speaking, muscle plication during tummy tuck surgery aims to restore pre pregnancy and/or pre-weight gain/loss abdominal wall muscle anatomy. It is difficult to imagine that restoring this anatomy would deleterously affect the venous return through the vena cava.

Again, I would appreciate hearing back from you.

Thank you.

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