Had TT with muscle plication 6 months ago. Does feel or look good to me at all? (photo)

Pic of me sitting in truck. Stomach practically sit in my lap!!!!! Not the results I expected!!!! What went wrong???? Doc said he will do revision but what's my chances of looking better than this. Why was my results looking like this!!!

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Tummy Tuck 6 Months Ago

Based on your photos, you need to follow up with your Plastic Surgeon. You did not say if you were a weight loss patient prior to surgery. Would love to see pre op photos to see what your surgeon had to work with. Discuss your concerns with your Plastic Surgeon as he may want to do revision surgery later on.

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Post op results

I agree that you should follow up with your plastic surgeon. That being said, the results should be evaluated while standing not siting.

Revision surgery is sometimes needed after tummy tuck

Thanks for your questions and photos. I'm sure that your plastic surgeon will be willing to see what can be done with improving your result.

Some patients lose further weight after their TT and so develop further excess skin - which can often only be dealt with by further surgery. The key to most plastic surgery is "just enough but not too much" - if you remove too much tissue in a TT, there will be wound healing problems and a poor scar. If you don't remove enough tissue, there will still be too much tissue remaining and you need to go back and take some more.

I'm sure your plastic surgeon will be keen to help you out. Good luck with it all.

Had TT with muscle plication 6 months ago

Thank you for your question and for the attached photos. It would be helpful to see before photos, and to see after views in a more standard pose. (to the right of the screen under featured doctors will be more standard views).

When a person is sitting, the distance from chest to pelvis gets shorter, and unless you have really good skin elasticity, the skin will buckle some. If you had really good skin elasticity, chances are you would not have needed a tummy tuck.

The fact that your surgeon has offered a revision leads me to suspect that the result even when standing is less than your or your surgeon hoped for. This does happen from time to time, and is more likely in patients who are overweight, and in patients who have undergone massive weight loss (over 50 pounds).

I can't really tell on these particular photos the chances of improvement, but suspect that you should expect some. Best wishes.

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