I Had a TT 8 Mos Ago I Have Considered Cryotherapy for my Keloiding Scars. Is This a Safe Metheod? (photo)

I had a tt 8 months ago. My belly button is keloiding and my surgery scar is hypertrophic. I had coritzone injections 4 weeks ago with no improvements. My doc recommended another injection or scar revision. I was looking into cryotherapy. What do you suggest?

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Scar revision options

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Thank you for the photo and question.  It is hard to know without evaluation your history and exam if something could have been done differently during surgery to modify how you healed.  If you had an infection or a prolonged inflammatory process then a revision umbilicoplasty avoiding these factors would be ideal.  If the result is based purely on your genetics than non surgical methods might be best.  You have enough scar tissue there that would lead me to believe that at least one scar revision attempt would be worth it.

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