What Should I Do to Prepare for my Tummy Tuck?

my tt with lipo flanks. i'm super excited but how should i get my body ready? i usually excerise and i watch what i eat. Ive lost 50LBS and had 2 pregnancy.

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Preparing for Tummy Tuck Surgery

Congratulations on the weight loss. A few specific things to do pre operative:

  • If you need to lose some weight do so if possible
  • if you need to stop smoking do so two weeks pre operative
  • Stop taking any blood thinning medications a week pre operative (aspirin, Advil, Naprosyn, Aleve, fish oil)
  • Shower the night before and the morning of surgery with Hibicleanse or antibacterial soap

Good luck with your procedure!

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Preparation for your tummy tuck

Other than saying goodbye to your tattoo, you should eat well and take multivitamins.   If you smoke, you must refrain for 4 weeks before and after surgery.    Also, it is a good idea to fill your medications and make arrangements for transportation and assistance during your first week after surgery.  

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Preparing for a tummy tuck

First of all, get your support system lined up as you will need help for about 5 days from a very positive person (not a negative one!!).  Then get your affairs in order, house cleaned, food stocked up, bills paid so there is no pressure during the recovery.  Finally, stay healthy and do a mild bowel clean out the day before surgery so your colon starts out empty.  Good luck you should get a nice result!

Tummy Tuck Preparation

Here are some things that I generally advise my patients to do before their surgery:

Eat and lead a healthy lifestyle.
Stop smoking 4 weeks before surgery.
Stop taking blood thinners 2 weeks before surgery.
Take a multivitamin (without extra vitamin E) two weeks before surgery.

Best of luck!

Get diet and exercise in line first



Get healthy first and get your weight into a range in which you can maintain it easily post-op.


Best Regards,


John Di Saia MD

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Preparing for surgery

There are many things that I routinely recommend for my patients to do is preparation for any cosmetic surgical procedure. One of the most important thing that you can do prior to your body contouring procedure is to reach your ideal goal weight and maintain it there. Apart from that, learn more about how to prepare for your upcoming operation by  following the link below...

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How to prepare for tummy tuck--Useful information.

Congratulations on your weight loss! Your excitement is evident, and wanting to do the right things will help you achieve your and your surgeon's best outcome! Make sure you don't diet excessively right before surgery--you need to have the proper nutritional building blocks for good healing. Exercise is OK right up to surgery, but again, use moderation so you aren't stiff and sore as you are trying to heal your abdominal musculature and lipo areas.

I've already answered this question in the "mommy makeover" section. You can read my recommendations in my answer: Do's and Don'ts the Day Before Surgery for Mommy Makeover? I hope this helps! Good luck and best wishes!

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Preparation For Tummy Tuck

The most important thing in preparation for a tummy tuck or any elective aesthetic surgery is to be in the best health which is possible.  This means most importantly to be smoke-free.  Other important considerations are to have a normal blood pressure, to be at or near ideal body weight, and to be in good shape nutritionally.  In diabetics, it is important to have a good Hb A1c.

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Tummy tuck preparation

You are doing the right thing by losing weight prior to surgery. You also want to stay away from any medications that may cause bleeding.

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Tummy tuck preparation

Congratulations on your successful weight loss! The best way to prepare for surgery is to continue what you are doing - maintain a healthy diet and exercise program. I also recommend that my patients be withing 15 – 20 pounds of your target weight prior to surgery. Best of Luck!  I think you'll get a great result.

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