On TT Incision. Is This Just Rash? or Something I Should Be Concerned About?

A day after 4wks p/o f/u. PS clears me for scar treatment. Same evening. I had itchiness on both end of incision. Applied cortizone cream. Next morning, had what it appeared several tiny rashes. As the time went on, it spread and now is one big dry redness with slight thickness. Another thing, crust started forming on belly button. No foul odor. I see glare of oozing but it seem to be drying out as it does cuz I don't see anything on the gauze as I was checking to see anything would be on it. TY

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Red scar after tummy tuck

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If you have applied any antibiotic ointment to the wound , such as neosporuiin, it is possible that you have an allergic reaction to the cream - I have seen this occur more and more frequently. Otherwise, you may have a small infection at one of the suitures under the skin. If it does not improve ina day or so after cleaning with hydrgen peroxide, tell your surgeon who may puty you on antibiotics or remove the suture.

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