TT, BBL, and Thigh Contouring?

Had a bbl,tt,lipo of flanks ,inner@outer thighs with my doc contouring my thighs He is amazing!but im 2Weeks post op I accidently slept on my side and my thigh looks flat now when it was much curvier will this fluff back up??he told me not to worry but I cant help but to worry...he only had 360 ccs to each cheek to work with on my bbl but that doesn't worry me with everthing else he did I am impressed with his work but will my thigh come back to life???its been 2days now and its numb...

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Brazilian Butt Lift and sleeping position

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In most cases, as long as you are wearing a good post surgical compression garment, your sleeping position should not compromise your Brazilian Butt Lift results.  However, try to avoid putting pressure on any one particular area for any extended period.  Best wishes.

San Jose Plastic Surgeon
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Questions about post operative results following liposuction

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You should not expect there to be any permanent change in your thigh contour by sleeping on your side for a short period of time.   Continue to follow you plastic surgeon's advice.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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BBL Surgery

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Without an exam and photo, it is hard to answer your question. You are only two weeks after surgery and it is early to determine the result of the surgery. In my past, you need atleast 3 months to evaluate the BBL. Keep in touch with your surgeon. All the best

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