What Should I Do TT/ BBL or TT First then Bbl Later?

I was told by Nancy(Dr. Salama's secretary) that he suggested that I lose weight before getting my TT with bbl, I was curious I thought the point of lipo is to get the unwanted fat/weight off. I'm 5'3 and weigh 205 he wants me to be between 155-165.... What should/would you do... He also said I should get the TT first them come back in 3/4 months for the bbl because I should still have enough fat... I'm so confused

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You always want to have surgery the safest way possible.

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I agree with Dr Salama's office.  205 lbs at 5'3'' isn't a healthy weight.  This is elective surgery and you should always to do it as safely as possible. 
Your BMI (Body Mass Index) at your current weight is 36.3.    A BMI of 30 and above is considered Obese and has a higher incidence of complications when undergoing surgery.  A weight of 165 brings your BMI down to 29.2.     Ideal body weight at 5'3'' is between 115 and 125lbs.  So, at 165, you will still have sufficient fat to transfer to your buttocks and it can be done much safer for you. 
It is also always better to lose the weight before surgery than afterwards.  If you lose it after, your skin will likely become loose again.  Also, we never know where you will lose the weight or where you will not lose it. So, to get the best results, lose it before and we can remove whatever doesn't go away.      
Liposuction is not a means of weight loss.   It is done only to improve your shape.

It is also safest to do two separate surgeries rather the combined surgery.  Recovery is also much tougher when you combine Tummy tuck with the BBL

Good Luck

Dr M

Lipo is not for to loose weight only loose seizes/la liposuccion no es para perder peso sino medidas

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you are not in conditions to realize both surgical procedures lipo and BBL you would begin to loose the excess extra overweight 45 lbs aproximately in your specific case, then we may sit to plan a succesful operation with you, you would need  to loose at least 30 lbs and the  excess will be for auto fat grating.

ud. no esta en condiciones de realizarse  algun tipo de cirugia especialmente, lipo mas BBL, ud. esta pasada 45 lbs y ud  requeriria perder no menos de 30 para poder sentarnos a planear una operacion satisfactoria y exitosa y el resto, serviria para aumentar los gluteos con tu propiaq  grasa

Ramon Navarro, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

BMI needs to come down first

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I agree. Your BMI should be below 32 to have a good result. It's also safer for you.


Once you're BMI is in range you can do the procedures together, no problem.


Hope this helps,


Dr. Michael in Miami

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