Tummy Tuck & Brazilian Butt Lift Performed in One Surgery. What is the Order?

When getting a TT and a BBL in the same surgery which procedure is performed first? If BBL is performed first will this jeopardize the results while laying on your back/butt while the TT is being performed? I would like to know the order of this combination of surgery. Thank you

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Brazilian Butt Lift requires harvesting fat from some part of the body that will

provide enought fat to get a great result.  If fat is to be obtained from the abdomen,

it could very well create healing problems with a tummy tuck-serious healing problems.

If there is enough fat in other parts of the body, it would be possible.  If that's the case,

I would do the  liposuction and butt lift first, since the tummy tuck does require flexing

the waist to get the best result.  Also, the tummy tuck procedure will reduce the blood

supply to the abdomenal   tissues which could be made worse by laying on the abdomen

while the butt lift is being done.

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon


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While it is easier to recover with doing each separately, it can be performed and many patients who are good candidates do real well with having had both done.  I have many out of town patients how do this combination in particular because they want to limit their flying back and forth for multiple procedures. As long as your skin and fat anatomy is acceptable and safe enough to perform both, then your results will be dramatic and occur with just one surgery. This is very appealing to many patients. However, if you have very little fat to transfer for the BBL then I recommend that the BBL is done first after weight gain followed by a TT about 2 to 6 months later, depending on how fast you are healing ans swelling has gone down. The treatment needs to be individualized to each patient and their anatomy.

Here are some links and a video to help you further.

Good luck.

Dr Ghavami from Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Order of the Procedures in a Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Lift

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There is not "ONE" order of how to proceed with this combination of procedures.  Every patient is unique and her surgery has to be planned to fit her unique issues.

If the patient has enough fatty tissue for harvest in her flanks and perhaps outer thighs, the patient would start in the prone position(face down) and then be turned into the supine(face-up) position for completion on the tummy tuck.

However, if the patient does not have enough fatty tissue for harvest on her posterior side, then I would start in the face-up position to harvest the needed fat from the abdomen and then turn the patient into the prone position for performing the Brazilian Butt Lift.  After completing the fat grafting into the buttocks, the patient is returned to the supine position for the tummy tuck.  

This all requires a surgery team that is familiar with performing combined procedures and a plastic surgeon who understands the safety limitations of these procedures.  Most important, please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.  Best of luck.

Brazilian Butt Lift with Tummy Tuck. Can they be done together and in what order?

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I have performed the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure and Tummy Tuck together many times with beautiful results.  There has been no compromise to the results of either procedure.  However, there are increased risks when combining other procedures with Tummy Tucks and additional precautions need to be taken.  The main benefit of having these procedures performed together is less overall down time. 
When I combine these procedures, I usually perform liposuction of the abdomen, then of the back, then Graft the fat to the buttocks. When this is complete I turn the patient back over and using special positioning techniques minimize the pressure on the buttocks and perform the tummy tuck. 
I do not believe that pressure on the buttocks for the first few hours after injection makes any difference.  The goal is for the fat cells to get revascularized, meaning get reconnected to new blood vessels. This doesn't happen until the first couple of days. I have performed hundreds of Brazilian Butt Lift procedures and a large number of these with Tummy Tucks.   Pressure during the first few hours doesn't seem make any difference to the results.

Separate Vs Combined TT and BBL

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In my practice it is common for me to perform all of the procedures you mentioned at the same time. However, I use an assistant to save total operative time with the goal less than 6 hours of surgery (often far less than that) to minimize potential complications and for a speedier recovery. Sometimes there are even less scarring for example, straight augmentations, I place the implants using the TT incision without the need for breast scars. My patients following a TT with or without a BBL stay in a reclining chair the first week. A flat tempurpedic pillow beneath your back and upper thighs will offload pressure on your buttocks. The benefit is only one surgery, only one recovery (you heal from all procedures simultaneously) and that you can use the fat that would normally be discarded from the tummy tuck. Pros and cons of this decision should be part of your in depth consultation with your plastic surgeon including the increased risk of complications with long surgeries and how to prevent them. Your plastic surgeon will guide you into making the best decision in your individual case. The most important decision is picking the best plastic surgeon experienced in this technique. See link regarding finding the best surgeon for combined surgeries.

Tummy Tuck & Brazilian Butt Lift

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While the order will be determined based on your surgeon's preferences and the area from which the fat will be used, my typical order is butt lift first followed by the tummy tuck. Consult in person with 3 - 4 experienced and expert board certified plastic surgeons to explore your options, and to determine if the combination is in your best interests.

Order of surgery with multiple procedures

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The surgical order when a patient is undergoing multiple procedures is dependent on surgeon preference to some extent as well as what part of the body the fat is being harvested from for the Brazilian butt lift. Alot of thought goes into positioning of the patient for safety as well as most expeditious way for surgery to be performed in order to limit anesthesia time.

Tummy Tuck and Butt Lift

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Yes we do offer our patients simultaneous tummy tucks and buttock contouring procedures so long  as they are healthy, self motivated with realistic goals and expectations.

Technically, the procedures can be performed in either order; however, we generally would perform the buttock procedure first for access reasons because once the tummy tuck is performed the patient has to be flexed in the jack knife position which would make it difficult to then turn the patient and proceed with buttock exposure .

I hope this helps in your planning. We always recommend discussing this further with your local plastic surgeon.

Thank you.

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Brazilian Butt Lift and Tummy Tuck.

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I usually do not perform those two surgeries together. The reason is because during the usual recovery from a tummy tuck there is plenty of time spent sitting on the buttucks, which may harm healing the grafted fat. After my Brazilian butt lift I ask the patient to spend as much time as possible OFF their buttucks, which may be difficult after a tummy tuck as well. As my esteems colleagues have stated, these two procedures can be combined and performed safely together. I personally prefer to separate them into two different procedures to optimize the healing conditions. I urge you to consult with a Board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss this matter in detail. Hope this helps and good luck.


Tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift can be done at the same time, answer by a brazilian-american board certified plastic surgeon

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You had many excellent comments from my colleagues below. Make sure when you have a consultation patient safety issues are addressed to you in detail. The procedures can be combined as long as you meet safety criteria well established by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. I am a native Brazilian trained in the US and practice in Park City and Salt Lake City. I have stayed very much in touch with the excellent Brazilian Body Contouring Surgery Techniques during all my professional life! If Utah is convenient to you please check our websites and make an appointment. We would be glad to see you.

Best regards,

Renato Saltz MD, FACS


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