TT with Bladderlift at 11 Weeks Normal Progress?

With double procedure should I expect slower progress? I sneezed and that dampened my spirits; jogging across the street, again a dribble. TT swelling is getting close to ideal upon waking; swelling as day progresses sometimes back to week 2 level. Scar is good. I feel nearly normal and am active again with housekeeping and walking. I would love to be more active. Still some loss of feeling with urine stream: can't quite tell when I'm really done. Can I expect bladder control to improve?

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Recovery from a combined tummy tuck and bladder lift is difficult to predict

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as there are many techniques used in bladder lifting as well as tummy tucks.  You should discuss your concerns about continued leaking with your urologist or gynecologist, whomever did your repair.  If the lift technique was dependent upon sutures through your tummy muscles, plication of muscles that occurs during a tummy tuck could adversely afffect the outcome if the lift was done first.

TT with Bladderlift at 11 Weeks Normal Progress

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I would pass that question to your urologist or gynecologist who performed the bladder lift. 

The TT should not have any bearing on the outcome as regards urine flow. The docs reading your questions on this site are plastic surgeons, and are not likely to be too knowledgeable in the field of bladder function!

Best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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