TT with MR and Mastopexy - No Lipo?

Hi I had the procedure on the 21st January, off pain meds, feel ok apart from trying to stand straight with the muscle repair, am I ok to start a little walking. My PS has not really given a timescale on this, I was thinking maybe 30 mins of slow walking per day from tomorrow, going stir crazy, use to walking 6-12 miles per day pre surgery. Thanks in advance

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This type of post up question is best addressed to your surgeon, who knows what was done and has followed your recovery, and who may be quirky, as are we all.

Getting over that disclaimer, I let my patients walk beginning the day of surgery if they so choose. So long as it doesn't hurt a lot, it is very unlikely that you can do any harm. 30 minutes the first day seems like a reasonable goal. All the best. 

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Walking for exercise after tummy tuck

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I usually tell my patients that they can begin light cardio at 3 weeks post tummy tuck.  I think you are probably safe to walk for 30 minutes.  I would say however that you need to listen to your body and if it starts hurting stop do not push it.  Good luck.

Recovery after TT

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Yes, sometimes for active people, being out-of-commission after surgery is difficult.  But it's important not to overdo the activity.


I generally warn my patients that they're not really going to feel like themselves for the first month after a tummy tuck, and not to even do much except puttering around the house for that time period.  Walking starts around 5-6 weeks, non-abdominal workouts at 8 weeks, and full activity at 12 weeks.


All the best!

Walking after Tummy Tuck and Breast Surgery?

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Congratulations on having undergone the tummy tuck and breast procedures. Although your plastic surgeon will always be your best resource, most of us would highly recommend walking at this stage.  I ask my patients to slowly begin the " rehab" process by gradually increasing their activity (such as walking) on a daily basis.

 Best wishes.

Activity after tummy tuck

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Probably okay. If you feel any pain discomfort, you should stop obviously. Check with your plastic surgeon.

Adrian Lo, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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