Had a TT and Would Like to Know: Will my Belly Button Ever Look Normal? Will It Become an Innie? (photo)

I had my TT over 3 weeks ago and I hate my belly button like no other. I voice my concerns to my surgeon and he guaranteed me that it will be normal in a few months. Judging from my photo, do you agree or will there need to be a revision in the near future cause I really hate the look of it and no one else seem to have this "look" plus it has an extra little hole on the top so my kids asked why I have two :(

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The umbilicus can look very strange shortly after abdominoplasty due to swelling. There is a lot of swelling

There is a lot of swelling in the umbilical stalk. This is common after abdominoplasty and you should expect to see significant improvement over time.

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Had a TT and Would Like to Know: Will my Belly Button Ever Look Normal? Will It Become an Innie?

In my over the internet opinion, and based only on one posted photo the answer is no. Sorry. But maybe you should obtain an in person second opinion.. 

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Will my Belly Button Ever Look Normal?

I can't really tell much from the close up photo attached. More useful would be photos that look more like the ones to the right of your screen. 

Three weeks is way to early to be speculating on outcome and the possible need for revision.

Please consider reposting with photos as described, with front and side or 45 degree views, and more useful responses should be forthcoming.

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Umbilical shape after an abdominoplasty

Unfortunately there is very little immediate gratification in cosmetic plastic surgery.  We are the only ones who have to beat you up to make you look better.  Swelling can not always be anticipated or predicted.  You can be assured that you will heal and the shape will change.  Hopefully this will correct the problem, if not a small revision may be needed.   

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Belly Button after Abdominoplasty - TT - will it look normal?

Hello and thank you for your question and photo attached.

3 weeks post op is still early to assess the final result of your belly button and therefore I would not be concerned yet. The fact that your surgeon has guaranteed that it will be normal in a few months is very reassuring. My advice would be to wait patiently for a few more weeks (on average the belly button settles withing the first 8 to 10 weeks when the swelling subsides) and then go and see your surgeon for review.

All the best.

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