I am looking for a doctor with experience in latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction who accepts Medicaid. (Photo)

I have had two failed reconstructions and am at my last resort. I am in excellent health and ready to feel whole again so I can move on with my life. I am having a hard time finding a doctor that has experience with latissimus dorsi flap reconstruction that accept Medicaid. So, if you are a doctor who can help me get this done, I am eager to hear from you. Thank you!
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Breast reconstruction

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I am very bothered that you are having issues getting reconstructed.  I don't know where is NC you are but please look for breast reconstruction surgeons who perform DIEP flap reconstruction and they definitely will be able to manage this situation for you.


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A latissimus flap that will replace the missing soft tissue can easily hide a small implant and look great. An opposite lift can provide balance as well if needed. Most patients can go home in 1-2 days from the hospital and receive office followup for  2-3 weeks. This is needed to minimize healing problems

William C. Rigano, MD
Dayton Plastic Surgeon

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