Should I Trust the Laser Clinlic if They Say They Can Remove my Chest Tattoo?

Im a black female I make a nightmare of my chest. I have a big tattoo from collarbone to mid chest. I do have keliod prone skin. Ive been to two laser clinlic who say they can be removed with no scaring. Can this be done with my skin type?

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Tattoo removal with dark skin

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I would check with the actual manufacturer of the laser to see if it has been used on darker skin types.  We use the Revlite SI, which has been approved to remove tattoos on all skin types.  It might require more treatments due to you skin type.  Scarring is always a risk with lasers if not used correctly.  I would consult with a laser center that is monitored by a board-certified plastic surgeon or a physician that is very familiar with the risks and benefits and treatment options for tattoos.

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