Is Trusculpt the Same as Coolsculpt?

Just trying to figure out the difference between the two-if any.

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Tru-Sculpt vs. Coolsculpting

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Tru-Sculpt utilizes radio frequency energy to heat fat cells and cause their damage and shrinkage to sculpt the body and areas of unwanted fat.  Coolsculpting utilizes cold to freeze fat cells and destroy them and create body contour by targeting specific areas of fat. Though both technologies are similar in that they improve body contours they do so by different modalities.  We have both technologies in our office.  If fat is too firm to compress or diffusely distributed then Tru-Sculpt is a good option.  If fat is localized and is able to be drawn up into the applicator then Coolsculpting is a good option.  For the best option for you, consider a consultation with a practice that has both technologies and can help you decide which treatment is best for you and not try to sell you on what they have.  

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Trusculpt versus Coolsculpting

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Trusculpt and Coolsculpting approach fat loss in very different ways. Trusculpt utilizes radiofrequency to target fat cells, signaling fat cell death, and also has the benefit of tightening and smoothing the surrounding tissue. Usually, 3 monthly treatments are recommended, with results 4-12 weeks later. Cutera has recently upgraded their system to Trusculpt 3D, which accomplishes the 24-34% reduction in circumference with a single treatment, as it now penetrates further down. Both are well-tolerated, as the temperature is slowly increased to get to the target temperature of 43-45 degrees Celsius for fat cell death. It can be used on all parts of the body that it can make adequate contact with (in a 1x2 or 4x4 inch area), so there are basically no limitations for where it can be used on the body. It is also great for tightening of the skin (like bat wings and stretched abdomen skin from babies), and smoothing the appearance of cellulite. I have used truSculpt and truSculpt 3D for double chins, flabby upper arms/bat wings, outer breast fat blobs that show when people wear strapless outfits, back fat under the bra, lovehandles, saddlebags, inner thighs, above the knees, etc. It feels like a really warm hot-stone massage for 15 minutes per treatment area. I only recently upgraded to the truSculpt 3D, but have clients already reporting 1-3 inches of loss per area, at 4 weeks post-treatment. 

Coolsculpting utilizes a cold plate that your skin is sucked up into. Much like when you have a wart frozen off with liquid nitrogen, this destroys tissue by freezer-burning it. This reduces fat about 12% per session. I chose not to carry this modality in my practice (much to the chagrin of the rep, who was actually my client at the time), because of its limitation on placement (skin needs to be lax enough to pull the fat up into the machine), limitations on size of area to be treated (their heads are a certain size), painful treatment, some anecdotal side effects of nerve damage, and many of my impatient patients who tried it elsewhere saw no results after 3 months. A patient found me after receiving CS elsewhere that was misplaced on her abdomen, resulting in a loss of fat (picture a small brick of fat missing) diagonally. She had fat remaining on both sides of the indention and was told they would have to do another $2500 treatment to address the leftover areas. I treated the small blobs of fat with a single session of trusculpt, and they disappeared within a month to even out her abdomen. Another client received CS on his abdomen, but his lower abdomen had skin loose enough to fit the fat into the suction, and had adequate loss there, but they were not able to treat the upper abdomen, because his skin was more he ended up with the appearance of a beerbelly. 

I tend to do a lot of research before purchasing a machine, as it is investment in my company and my reputation. I cannot promote a procedure that proves later on to be ineffective or overpriced for what it delivers. For all of us, it can be difficult to sift between the hype and marketing. Trendy and publicized is not always better.

Different Methods of Non-Invasive Body Sculpting : Use of Heat vs Freezing

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TruSculpt is the latest non-invasive device that has been clinically proven to target problem areas of fat on the body and under the chin that have been resistant to diet and exercise.
TruSculpt is an energy-based device that delivers controlled heat into the deep subcutaneous layers of the tissue at the same time that radio frequencytargets the fat to destroy, firm and smooth the surrounding area.

CoolSculpting uses cold to freeze fat cells for destruction and does not have the added modality of radio frequency that optimizes skin tightening. Both devices have effectively proven to target body fat in order to sculpt preferred areas of the body and chin.

Ronald Moser, MD
San Juan Capistrano Physician

These are totally different fat removal procedures

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To our staff and our patients, trusculpt which heats send destroys fat cells using radio frequency energy works better end provides more even results with less down time than Coolsculpt which freezes and fractures fat cells like ice crystals smashing.  CS  can be painful eight significant bruising from the treatment. Hope this helps and best of luck.

Steven Yarinsky, MD
Albany Plastic Surgeon
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TRusculpt vs CoolSculpting

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Trusculpt is an RF (radio frequency) device that uses this wavelength to “shrink” fat cells temporarily.

CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis to freeze and permanently eliminate fat cells without damage to the surrounding tissue. The procedure takes just one hour. In offices like mine, with two systems (some people call this Dualsculpting) you can have two areas treated at the same time for twice the fat loss in just one hour. 

There is no surgery and no downtime with the CoolSculpting procedure

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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CoolSculpt was developed by Harvard Scientists and is a clinically proven procedure with thousands of happy patients that involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin. A Vacuum pressure is used to pull targeted areas between cooling plates that over a period of an hour cause fat cells to begin a process called cryolipolysis. This breakdown of the fat cells is complete over a period of 2 to 4 months, during and after you will see a reduction in the size of the treated areas. There are no needles, and no lasers, and you can watch TV, be on your laptop, or listen to music for the hour during the procedure. After the treatment, you can return to normal activities.

CoolSculpting and Trusculpt are Different Procedures

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Trusculpt is a radio frequency device that uses heat energy to treat unwanted fat. While we don't use this technology at our clinic, we do offer CoolSculpting to our patients because it has proved to be so consistently safe, reliable, and effective. CoolSculpting targets and freezes fat cells and allows your body to naturally eliminate them in the weeks and months that follow. It kills fat cells and, in the right patient, delivers amazing results.

Coolsculpting offers a way to kill the fat cells, trusculpt may or may not

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I do not have personal experience with the radiofrequency device, Trusculpt. Heat is generated with the radiofrequency and the question that needs to be answered over time is if the fat is liquified temporarily and leaks out of the fat cells slimming down the patient, but what happens to the fat cells. Do they die as they are proven to do with CoolScultping by Zeltiq that freezes the fat cells? Fat cells, or adiopocytes, are known to die at a temperature higher than the temperature needed to kill skin cells. What is the recurrence rate of fat in the area treated by Trusculpt? Time will tell. In our NYC practice, we see long term results after coolsculpting for fat removal.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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