Is It True Ulthera Can Help Reduce Scar Tissue in Bad Permanent Lip Augmentation?

I had a pemanent lip augmentation done using my own tissue for augmentation. My lips don't look bad but I do have alot of scar tissue I can feel inside my lips. Sometimes you can see it pop out "my inner lip or the wet lip" when I smile with my mouth closed. My lips just look weird sometimes when I make different facial movements. Im thinking maybe this can help without having to go through surgery. Thanks for your help.

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Ulthera for scar tissue revision

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Normally Ulthera isn't performed on the lips, as that would be considered "off label" for its clearance. However, there are always physicians who test new ideas and device strategy, so that may be true. Ultrasound can help to break up scar tissue, but it would need to be done on very low settings by extremely experienced technicians. I'm not sure that "inside your lips" is a great place to do ultrasound. So consult a physician who has the Ulthera device, and who has a great deal of experiencing using it.

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