Is True the You Loose 25-50cc when You Go Under the Muscle?

Im 5'6 my weight 140 im going under? Is true the you loose 25-50cc when you go under the muscle.?

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You do not "lose volume" when going under the muscle--you lose apparent size and projection!

As others have stated, your implants have the same total volume whether above or below the muscle. But going below does exert more tissue pressure as well as provide additional tissue "camouflage" of the visible implants.

We know this by having our patients size with implants in a bra and stretchy top. The latter helps simulate the body better than a bra alone, but if a woman selects a certain size after much deliberation and trial and error, and I surgically implant THAT EXACT SIZE, a majority of women will complain that they are "too small" after surgery. Some even claim that we put in the "wrong size" and demand re-operation to put in the ones she chose. You don't have to do too many of those to quickly determine that if a woman selects 250cc implants you should add 25-50cc to give them the appearance in their body that they had with the 250s in a bra and top. If a woman selects 600cc sizers, I usually will use 700cc in their body.

Thus, I recommend 50-100cc more than the chosen size to achieve the look the patient actually wants, and that works out in the vast majority of my patients. BTW, the most common complaint after breast augmentations surgery is that "I wish I had gone bigger."

Don't choose a size, choose a "look." Show your surgeons photos of desired final breast size, and try implants on in a bra and stretchy top without looking at the numbers on the label. Find what look you like, and rely on your surgeon's experience and expertise to choose the best profile and actual implant volume to achieve as close to your goals as possible. Make sure you and your surgeon have a clear understanding who pays for what for re-do surgery, including size change. For more information click on the web reference link below for my Comprehensive Guide to Breast Augmentation. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Breast implants "under the muscle"

The confusion here is between volume as measured in cc's and the effect of that volume. The volume of the implant is not changed whether it is above or below the pectoralis muscle, the comments about compression notwithstanding. 

If you put your foot under a sheet in bed and look at it and then compare that to your same foot under a blanket, the foot under the sheet will look bigger even if the foot is the same size. 

If you put the same breast implant in an external bra, behind the breast but above the muscle, or behind the pectoralis muscle (subpectoral), it will have the same volume in cc's but the effect will be different. This is why external sizers do not work well for determining resulting breast size and why a breast implant will be more obvious above the muscle but will look bigger than the same volume implant padded and protected and blended in under the chest muscle behind the breast. 

Proper sizing of implants today involves knowing what size/dimensions/volume will fit properly behind the breast and under the muscle and what effect that will have. 


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Size decrease following sub muscular implant placement.

Thanks for the question.  It is true that the same size implants will appear smaller when they are placed under the muscle when compared to how they will look on top of the muscle.  The muscle will decrease the overall projection of the implants.  You should talk to your doctor to decide the pluses and minuses of both implant positions prior to proceeding with the surgery.

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Does a subpectoral implant change the size

A breast implant is filled with an almost non compressible substance(at the pressure we are talking about).  When you place the implant behind the muscle there might be more pressure on the implant.  But its going to act like most fluid, and follow the path of least resistance.  That is why there is more distortion immediately post op from a behind the muscle implant.  It might look a little bit smaller then an implant in front of the muscle. This is due to camouflage effect of the muscle over the implant.  But rest assured you are getting the full implant that you paid for.


Good luck, and thank you for question.




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Loosing #breast volume by going under the pectoralis muscles with implants?

Although it has not been showed, putting a breast implant under the pectoralis muscle likely compresses the implants more than if it was placed above the muscle.  Although it might only be a few cc's, it might be something to consider when choosing the size of implants.  Your surgeon will take this into consideration.  More important than the number of cc's is to pick an implant that will fit well and in proportion with your body size and breast width and height for a natural look.  Both Natrelle and Mentor offers a great variety of options of breast implants with various widths, heights, projections and gel consistencies.  Best of luck!  Dr. Marc DuPere Toronto Plastic Surgeon

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